Kat Conner Sterling: Five Fast Facts About The A Week Away Star

Kat Conner Sterling

There are no clear rules on how actors should begin their acting careers. Some actors begin their careers in advertisements, some in comedy, and still others come from a modeling or dance background—some like Kat Conner Sterling started in the theater.

However, regardless of which path an aspiring actor takes to master the profession, there is light at the end of the tunnel if the actor is consistent and has a bit of luck.

Kat Conner started her career in the theater. Some, like her, began their careers in Broadway musicals, while others began in local Shakespearean theaters. Several Academy Award winners began their careers performing in front of an audience. We can go on and on, but you don’t have another extra hour to spend on this post. Here are five things you need to know about Kat

1. Kat Conner Sterling was born in Memphis

Kat Conner Sterling was born in Memphis Tennessee on September 4 1996 to Deacon Dave and Carlotta. She has an elder sister Kimberly Sterling who is an attorney.

2. Kat Conner Sterling played Junior Olympics at age 13

At age 13, she played junior Olympic volleyball the same time she debuted in her first professional theatre role. She went to school during the day, trained in the afternoon, then performed in the evenings. She graduated from Samford University Alabama where he studied Theater and Dance.

3. A self-tape audition won her a role in Netflix’s A Week Away Movie

After submitting a self-tape for a nationwide open call, she was cast as Presley in Netflix’s A Week Away. Her audition was so well received by producers and casting directors that she was cast straight off the tape without having to wait for a callback. She has appeared n notable shows like “as Marvel’s The Gifted and Fox’s 9-1-1”.

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Kat has performed in many theater productions like “Into the Woods”, “Shrek The Musical”, “Sleeping Beauty” and many other theater productions. Kat also appeared in the short films “Directing Insanity”, “A hell of a wait”, “Gritted etc

4. She is not married yet

Kat is not married at the moment, neither is she in any relationship. Perhaps she is focusing on her career or she is waiting for the idol to her idolatry.

5. Kat Conner Sterling loves Baking and Cooking

Kat Coner loves baking and cooking. She is also an animal lover. Kat is also good in sports and she is trained at stage combats. She plays soccer as well.

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