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Zoe Margaret Colletti

Teen actors are rocking Hollywood nowadays and people like Zoe Margaret Colletti seems to have everything under control in the show business at the moment. Zoe is famous for her appearance in the horror film “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark” where she played the role of Stella Nicholls. Here is everything you need to know about her career journey as well as her personal life.

Zoe Margaret Colletti: Age and Family

Zoe Margaret Colletti was born in Los Angeles California on November 27 2001 to Christopher Collett and Cheryl Collett. Zoe is of mixed ethnicity as her father has Italian and Sicilian heritage while her mother Cheryl is of Dutch-German heritage. Zoe has a sister named Ian Colletti who is a performer and an artist.

Zoe started her career as a model before transitioning to become an actress. In 2006, she appeared in the pilot ‘American Men”  directed by Rob Schiller as Emma Wilson which did not go to series. She kept appearing in small roles here and there until her big break came.


For now, Zoe’s major career highlight would be her appearance in the film “Scary Tories to Tell in The Dark” which is based on the book by Alvin Schwartz. Trollhunter. When she sent her audition tapes to the makers of the show, she had little hope that she would land the role of Stella Nicholls following the big names involved.

“It was a long process but I did a tape from home for it actually,” Colletti said. “I had sent my tape and within an hour I had heard that Andre watched it and then Guillermo had watched my tape.” But luck smiled on her or perhaps it was more than luck as she received many accolades which landed her the role afterward.

The film “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark” was set on Halloween, 1968, in the small town of Mill Valley, Pennsylvania, where three teen friends, Stella, Auggie, and Chuck, prank the bully Tommy Milner. The film received generally positive reviews from critics and praise for its depictions of the horror features from its source material. The film went on to gross a worldwide total of $105 million against a production budget of around $28 million.

“If I could have said what my dream role or dream movie would have been, this would have been it,” Colletti said. “Horror is my favorite genre. It’s always been my favorite.” A fan of horror movies herself, Colletti still gets scared of watching horror movies.

“I’m terrified of horror movies 100% but I love to watch them,” Colletti said. “I’m a terrible gauge because I sleep with the lights on all the time. [I think] there’s always people in my room under my bed. That’s every kid’s nightmare, hiding under your bed and having something under your bed.” Colletti appeared in films like “Skin” 2018 and “Annie” 2014. When she is free, she performs with her sister Ian at events. She is still young and the future looks so promising. She’ll make it.

Zoe Margaret Colletti: Boyfriend, FULL FACTS

Zoe has a boyfriend named Ed Oxenbould. Ed is an Australian actor notable for his roles in the film Julian. He appeared in the television series “Puberty Blues” and became more well-known for his role in the film Alexander and the Terrible. They are living a relatively quiet life. Zoe’s net worth has not revealed yet but she is not broke.

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