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Yvonne Nelson

If you live in Nigeria or Ghana, it matters very little when Yvonne Nelson is mentioned. She has worked with and owned the industry in Nollywood and Nollywood West (in Ghana) and you would be hard-pressed finding dozens who have not loved her, at least, a little in some point in their lives watching the chocolate damsel from Accra. This is not a fan page entry. It shouldn’t be, let the editor see about that. I just want to do my job.

Age, heritage, and early life

Yvonne Nelson was born in November 1985. She studied in St. Martin De Porres School in Accra. She proceeded to the famous Aggrey Memorial Senior High School. Leaving this, she continued her education at Zenith University College which, then, was a private tutorial ground for Western universities where she earned a diploma. She went on to attend Central University, Accra, leaving with a degree in human resource management. No, she didn’t do anything about the arts in school. She didn’t have to. She has that kind of talent that requires little or no enhancements.

Yvonne Nelson is 35 years old at the end of 2020.


Yvonne Nelson is one of a couple of stars in Ghana who have appeared in up to 100 movies. Her career began in 2000 with small roles. She went on to contest for Miss Ghana then returned to the set to land big roles.

One of her most known work is “Single and Married” which won Best Picture in Ghana in 2012, “House of Gold”, a collaboration with Nigerians which featured music stars from Nigeria such as Mercy Chinwo, Omowumi, and Ice Prince Zamani, and “One Night in Las Vegas” starring Van Vicker and John Dumelo.

In 2011, Yvonne Nelson became a producer.

Here is a link to a majority of all the movies she has featured in. I just want to talk about the interesting parts.

Relationship, virginity, baby daddy, is she married?

For a long period of time, fans were relentless in trying to match-make Yvonne Nelson and fellow Ghanaian superstar John Dumelo. But the two stars in the middle refused to take it up. “The truth is that Yvonne and I have been good friends for a long time,” John said of their relationship. “She has come out to deny the rumour several times,” he added. Indeed she had, in multiple occasions, referred to John as her bestie.

In the early 2010s, Yvonne Nelson dated Iyanya, Nigerian music star and crooner of the hit “Kukere”. The relationship which felt like a publicity stunt turned out to be real. In his 2012 song, “Ur Waist”, Iyanya mentioned Yvonne multiple times with one of the verses reading, “Yvonne Nelson roll am ooo/Yvonne Nelson, I have ur medicine”.

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When Ebuka questioned Iyanya about this in Rubbin’ Minds show on Channels TV, in 2013, he said he was just single and concentrating on his music. In 2017, he admitted he missed her terribly.

All these years, Nelson had maintained she was a virgin only admitting to losing her virginity in Valentine’s Day of 2017. Many do not believe her for two reasons: One, she dated Iyanya with one of the hottest bodies in West Africa and he claimed she enjoyed doing it with him. Two, her baby was born in October 2017 which is less than the nine months baby spend in their mother’s womb (except Yvonne had premature labour which rarely happens in the eighth month.)

When the rumour that Yvonne was pregnant hit the internet, John’s name was thrown about as the baby daddy. Yvonne did not deny this. In fact, she didn’t deny or admit she was pregnant until her baby was born in October 2017. It later emerged, however, that her baby daddy is Jamie Roberts for whom the daughter is named Ryn Roberts.

The two are no longer together. In August 2019, Yvonne granted an interview to a well-known Ghanaian radio station, Joy FM, in which she confirms the rumours of her split with her baby daddy.

“He doesn’t live here, so I guess he is having fun,” she said. “You guys can check him out on social media. He is always posting stuff on social media, I believe he is okay, he is doing well. The last time I saw him, I was writing exams, I didn’t see much of him, but he was here with his two kids to see my daughter… Everyone knows we are not together.”

In his part, John got married and welcomed his own daughter in 2018. He had his white wedding in early 2019 and Yvonne was conspicuously absent, raising eyebrows about the fact that she may have been hurt by the fact that her bestie was marrying another. The reason given for her absence didn’t lower eyebrows. They said she had a “family emergency”.

Is Yvonne now married? The answer is a short no.

We do not know who her current man is and not sure if she has a man at all. We do know that she has flaunted Nigerian actor Kunle Remi and Big Brother Reality Star Tobi Bakre on Social Media. It may not mean anything. Although she as admitted she wouldn’t mind marrying a Nigerian so the quest for who her man is may be found in the Niger area.

She has made it clear to all, you especially, that her relationship is no one’s business except hers.

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