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Yvette Mimieux

Credit Yvette Mimieux’s beauty to alluring eyes, high cheekbones and a body that has refused to age, then you’ll find out why many still glamour for her even in her later ages. Yvette Mimieux shattered the Hollywood ceilings without apologies and when it was time for her to retire from acting, she did with her heads high. What do you know about her? Let us walk you through her personal life, career and other facts you need to know.

1. Yvette Mimieux has a Latin heritage

Yvette Mimieux was born on 8 January 1942, in Los Angeles, California, to a French father Rene Mimieux and a Mexican mother Carmen Montemayor. She has a French-Mexican heritage. There is no information on whether she has siblings.

Yvette picked interest in acting at a very young age when most of her mates are contending in the alluring world of boys.  She attended the Hollywood High School in Hollywood, California and in 1957, she became one of the four finalists in a beauty contest judged by Elvis Presley. She had a short career in modeling before diving into the world of acting.

2. Yvette Mimieux has been married twice

Yvette was married to her ex-husband and movie director Stanley Donen on 4 November 1972. They lived as husband and wife for 13 years and divorced on 13 January 1985. However, the couple never revealed the reason behind their separation and they never had any offspring.

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A year after she split with Stanley Donen, Yvette remarried and this time it was the famous Howard F. Ruby. Howard is a photographer and his pictures for National Geographic are pretty popular. Howard loved to capture polar bears and has spent a significant amount of time with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Donen have been married for more than 30 years and have escaped media drama. There are no reports if the couple has kids.

3. “The Time Machine” was the movie that gave her fame

Yvette began her profession when she debuted in a motion picture called “The Time Machine”, as Weena. The movie was a commercial success and raked in millions in the box office. Although her acting talent and beauty got the major notice when she appeared in the film, “Where The Young men Are”.

Mimieux played the role of imprisoned woman in the movie “Jackson County Jail” in 1976, which expanded her fame and put her name among Hollywood greats. In the same year, She featured the role of Dinah in the movie “Outside Chance”.

She appeared in the Walt Disney Productions movie The Black Hole in 1979. And even played the lead role in “Circle of Power” in 1981. Furthermore, Mimieux also made her appearances for the Television shows such as “Mr. Lucky”, “The Desperate Hours”, “Black Noon”, “Hit Lady, Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell”, “Forbidden Love”, Lady Boss and others

Yvette finally retired from acting in 1992 aged 50 after she appeared in the TV show “Woman Manager”.

4. Yvette Mimieux net worth is $5 million dollars

Yvette retired from acting more than 20 years ago. But during her acting days, she appeared in numerous movies from which she must have collected huge money and we believe she did. And we are not alone in this as Celebnetworth put her net worth at around $5 million dollars.

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This amount is huge considering the time she left Hollywood to spend more time with her husband. Perhaps she invested some of her earnings or has always had a secret business while a thespian. Whatever, she retired in 1992 and still has five million to her name in 2019.

5. She is now a Real Estate Mogul

Wondering how Yvette invested all the money she acquired during her illustrious career in Hollywood? She took a chance in Real Estate business and considering the success she has achieved as a realtor, it looks like everything she touches turns into gold.

Of course, she did not attend Wharton Business School to get knowledge on how to run a successful business but her resort in Mexico has become a mecca for many celebrities who frequently visit for vacations. She has also proven that she has business ideas that were hidden inside her during all the time she was busy in Hollywood. Would she over Donald Trump in Real Estate business in the future? We live that for you to answer.

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