Winter Blanco – Age, Real Name, Bad Girls Club, What She Does Now

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Winter Blanco

Winter Blanco is an upcoming rapper and reality star as well as a model, and social media personality. Winter Blanco was born on the 24th April, 1993 in California, United States and she is 29 years.

Winter Blanco was born with the birth name in her certificate Kaila Wilkey. Winter Blanco is the name she chose for herself for her career.

Winter’s role in Bad Girls Club

Winter Blanco gain popularity after appearing in the 16th season of Bad Girls Club in NBC’s Oxygen reality TV series.

The show “Bad Girls Club” is an American reality television series that was created by Jonathan Murray back in 2006. The show was focused on the altercations and physical confrontations of a few aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women, who were featured on the show as “charismatic tough chicks”. The show aired for 11 years, having 17 seasons and about 275 episodes. Each season of the show new cast was introduced.

Before Winter’s appearance in Bad Girls Club, she began her career as an exotic dancer and a stripper in several pubs and clubs. After leaving Bad Girls Club, Winter Blanco started pursuing her career in music.

But it was not the first time she try out music, she was in a group called White Girl Mob. One of the popular songs from the group was “The Hundreds”. After BGC Winter Blanco decided to go solo, releasing the song “Ratchet”.

Despite the song getting many views on YouTube, the song was criticized for its title and lyrics. However, the BGC star has some good rap songs which including Made of Glass been one of her popular tracks.

She once performed a cover version of the song “Home” which was originally sung by the rapper Tink.

Relationship and Net Worth

Winter Blanco’s relationship hasn’t been a thing of quietness, the popular of them being her relationship with Justin Combs who was the son of the famous rapper Sean Combs popularly known as P Diddy and after their break up, rumor has it that she once went on a date with Eugene Sims an American football player who plays as a defender.

Presently, she is single and has confirmed it in her YouTube videos.

Although her net worth is undisclosed, it is pretty sure that she making a few dollars for herself through her YouTube videos on her channel and her music, also as an entrepreneur.

What’s Winter Blanco up to now?

The TV star currently runs her YouTube channel which launched in 2013. She frequently uploads fashion, personal blogs, make-up tutorials, and cooking videos on the channel for her 389k subscribers.

Also as an entrepreneur, Winter Blanco owns an online store “The Frost Collection”, which deals in jewelry and accessories and also sell clothes; tops, bodysuits, and dresses.

Winter Blanco has also published a book by the title “See, I Was Right”, the book was published back in 2021 and was about her journey, personal and professional life.

Image source: HollywoodMask