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On a good day, a joke from Will Sasso is enough to make you laugh until your ribs hurt. Another joke and you’re rolling on the floor. The world is becoming more of a place of few smiles, comedians and actors who act in comedies are hitting more walls in their craft of amusing people. Somehow, Sasso has remained successful in cracking ribs. Here are fun and quick facts about the comedian and actor you should know.

1. Will Sasso was born in British Columbia

Will Sasso was born in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada on 24 May 1975 to Italian parents, Antonio Sasso and Anna Sasso. Will Sasso was exposed to comedy series when he was three years of age and soon it became clear that he was made for the entertainment world.

Will Sasso attended Delta High School in Delta, British Columbia and graduated in 1993. Will appeared in some films in Canada until he realized that he cannot accomplish his big dreams in Canada, so left Vancouver for Los Angeles. Currently, he owns an American citizenship.

2. He started performing at the age of 15

Although he grew up with the art and nursed a dream in the arts since three, Will Sasso did not start performing till well into his teenagehood. The actor started getting roles in films and TV series when he was 15 and even hired his first agent. His agent must have been an experienced one as he got slots for him to perform in many shows, boosting his confidence, and Sasso must have been very good to sustain the flow of credits.

Just before moving to Los Angeles, he appeared in the five seasons of the award-winning Canadian series “Madison” as quirky teen Derek Wakaluk.

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Will Sasso made his American acting debut in episode 3 season 4 of NBC sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in 1993. It was one of those quiet debuts with a minor role. He appeared on CBC television fantasy-adventure for children “The Odyssey as Drewg”.

Will Sasso made other appearances in films and television series and even appeared on CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. He also appeared in two episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and was a presenter in the 2002 Latin Grammy Awards

3. Will Sasso was on MADtv

Fox sketch-comedy series MADtv actually launched so many actors to fame or cemented their fame, and Will Sasso was a beneficiary. He landed his role when FOX executive producers were looking for a replacement for three big names Bryan Callen, Orlando Jones and Artie Lange who had exited the show.

The gods threw a dice, his name appeared and he was selected in the third season of the series in a lead role. When he left the series, MADtv became known as “The House that Sasso Built and Bryan Callen squatted in”. He did memorable impressions of country singer Kenny Rogers and former president Bill Clinton in the show.

4. The movie star has raised doubts over his sexuality

Over the years, Will Sasso has raised doubts over his sexuality. His single status and his comments in the LGBTQ community has even made it harder for anyone to know if he is straight or bisexual. When asked about his relationship status, he comes up with a joke that will make you forget the question.

The actor and comedian have not been romantically involved with any man or woman that we know. He only jokes with his fellow stars about marriage and raising kids. He once called actress Molly B Sims his wife, and he has addressed the model Adriana Lima as his wife. All jokes, no ring.

In the LGBTQ community, he once tweeted a photo of a man he would have loved to marry if he was gay when congratulating Barrack Obama for legalizing same-sex marriage. He has played the character of a gay plumber in a movie before and while we have refused to fall for any of his jokes concerning his personal life, we cannot swear in front of any deity about his sexuality.

5. Will Sasso has a net worth of $4 million

No one ever said relocating from Vancouver to America to pursue a career was bad and looking at Will Sasso net worth, he seemed to have made the right financial choice. He entered the show business as a broke teenager but has made a fortune over the years in comedy and television series.

As of 2019, his net worth stands at 4 million dollars. Comedians don’t grow up, they only fade away so Sasson still has the it to double this figure before retirement.

6. He is more than a WWE wrestling fan

Will Sasso loves wrestling but he wasn’t just one of those who watched outside the ring. The actor once appeared in the ring to fight Bret Hart. This was due to the fact that Bret Hart once made a guest appearance on MADtv criticizing the election of Jesse Ventura to the gubernatorial office and while at the same time attacked cast members of the series for making fun of wrestling.

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Bret Hart attacked Sasso a couple more times and the actor decided to retaliate by interfering in his match against Roddy Piper, which he eventually lost, including losing the WCW United States Championship.  Will Sasso made other appearances in the WWE and even earned a wrestling name “Will Fatso” before Kane choke slammed him in 2012 and he ran back to actual acting.

7. Will Sasso is 1.91 meters tall

The actor stands with a height of 1.91 meters. That is 6 feet 3 inches in height. He is huge in size. Call him fat at your peril. As for his hair, there are so little of them.

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