We Asked Five Questions About Elle Newlands

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Elle Newlands

Elle Newlands is an actress, songwriter, singer, and voice-over actor who has been in the industry for well over a decade. She’s popular for her voice in the video games Star Trek, Star Wars, Doom Eternal, and her regular appearance in the Simpsons. Everybody loves the Simpsons, don’t you?

Elle didn’t envision becoming an actress but she is now in the game and winning hearts. Here are five questions answered to your satisfaction – or dissatisfaction.

Where is Elle Newlands from?

Elle Newlands, also known as Pamela Newlands, moved to Los Angeles from across the Atlantic, away from her East Kilbride home where she lived and grew up as a successful showjumper in the circus and a keen horsewoman. Elle said she’s from Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom. She was born and raised there by her parents whose names are unknown. Elle is believed to be the niece of the Scottish crime author Douglas Skelton.

The star claimed she had no idea she would become a voice actor, she was just learning the craft when an agency read about her and asked her if she would do voice acting. In addition to her voice acting talent, Elle is also a skilled photographer.

How old is Elle Newlands?

It is unclear what Elle wanted to do when she was a child, maybe music was a lifelong dream or a spark she found later in life. Elle studied politics and history at Glasgow Caledonian University before she turned towards Opera and classical singing which took her touring with a band.

The Scottish woman studied Music and Drama at the former Royal Scottish Academy not known as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. She also attended La Scala in Italy.

She has reviewed classical vocal training with voice coach Gary Catona and has scored and composed music for films. Elle’s birth date is unknown but she’ll be 37 years this year, 2021.


Who did Elle Newlands play in Star Wars?

The voice of the singer and songwriter has been featured in places like radio, commercials, film, television, Audiobooks, and tons of video games in both the USA and Europe.

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Some of her famous works include “Mother Fakers” 2014 as Larrisa,  “World of Warcraft: Legion” (2016) as Tess Greymane & Valtrois, “The Adventure of Puss in Boots” 2017 as Zephils, “Hearthstone: The Witchwood” (2018) as Tess Greymane; ” Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught” (2019) as Darth Savik & Additional Voices, “Apex Legends”  (2020) as Horizon”, several other features

Elle also voiced the character Oracle in the fourth installment of the Socom video game for Sony Playstation. Elle’s voice has been featured over 50 times in video games, TV series, films, and shorts.

In 2013, Elle revived the BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award for  Behind the Voice Actors Award.

What’s Elle Newlands’s Net Worth?

For a celebrity, diversity spells more money and Elle understands that. She has found herself working with Disney legend Richard Sherman where she sang on one of his albums. She sang at the album launch party on Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks lot.

She has written and scored songs for films and also worked with a diverse range of musical acts from different genres like Travis, Natalie Imbruglia, and the point sisters.

Elle is tagged the most sought-after voice actor in 2017. All of these rings a bell of affluence.  Although there are no recent records on Ellen’s finances, she was worth about $16m in 2019. This is the year 2021, she could worth more even though the coronavirus had a huge impact in the entertainment industry.

How tall is Elle Newlands?

Elle 5 feet and 8 inches tall or 1.73 meters tall.

Image source: ReverbNation