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In a season that is full of drama, Wathoni proved to be one of the standout housemates despite been in the bottom four once or twice. She ticked all the necessary boxes that should qualify a housemate in the eyes of the viewers during her stay in the house. She fell in and out of love, quarreled, and cried when she had to. Here is all you need to know about the Kenya-born star.

Wathoni: Age and Nationality

Wathoni Florence Anyasi was born is the daughter of a Nigerian father of Igbo descent and a Kenyan mother. She was born on April 11, 1991, in Kenya where she spent the first 14 years of her life before moving to Nigeria, Lagos specifically. She attended the University of Lagos and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology in 2015. During her undergraduate studies, she got a job as a receptionist at Julius Berger Nigeria PLC where she worked for almost a year.

Wathoni was an employee at Ember Creek in Ikoyi, Lagos, where she handles the role of a public relations officer. In 2016, she began working as an event manager for a dessert store called Melting Moments. Her moment at Melting Moment came to an end and she got a job at the sales department of Hemingway’s Safaris Africa Ltd, a travel agency in Lagos. Wathoni also worked as a social media manager for Adensecret, an African online fashion store, for close to two years. Wathoni’s last 8-5 job was at Spotlight International as a content creator before opening up her fashion business. The ex-housemate speaks and writes Swahili very well. She is 29 years old

Life In the House

Wathoni entered the house with eyes on the prize money. She was the first Deputy Head of House DHOH as she was chosen by Nengi during their first week in the house. As she got to know her fellow housemates, she developed a feeling for another housemate and subsequently became the first housemate to kiss fellow housemate Kiddwaya(how many people has Kiddwaya kissed in the house? Never mind). Wathoni kissed Kiddwaya in a truth or dare game.

Firstly, she was not supposed to kiss Kidd as Nengi dared her to kiss Trikytee, but she declined and asked for another name and the house dared her to kiss Kidd. After the game, she tried getting closer to Kiddwaya but it seems the gentleman had his sight on another housemate Erica. In another truth or dare game, she was dared to pick a guy and show him her underwear, she picked Kiddwaya and showed him what she was putting on that night.

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However, it ended in tears for her that night or so it seems as Kiddwaya during his own truth or dare, chose to kiss Erica instead of a woman who showed him her underwear. The camera kept focusing on Wathoni that night and there seems to be disappointment written all over her face.

Her attention turned to another housemate Prince, but Tolanibaj never gave her space and it was not mere speculations as the duo didn’t talk to each for days because of Prince until they finally made up in a Saturday Night party. Wathoni turned her attention to Bright, the unpredictable housemate and master chef of the house, but it seems he was more interested in making her meals than showing her real emotion. Wathoni was ready for love in the house but things were complicated.

Wathoni: Son, fight with Erica, and other drama in the house

Wathoni has a son whom she gave birth to in 2014. She considers taking care of her son as her biggest achievement which could explain why she gets emotional sometimes during her diary sessions as they have been disconnected for over two months. “My son is my hero,” she said of him. “I love him so much, in fact, I do not allow people to beat him. We do everything together, from Yoga to taking pictures.”

She went on to say, “He bears my surname, Anyasi, because I’m his mother and father. He is my shining star.”

As to why she felt she was both of these to her son, she said. ‘‘I never had sex with the father of my child, it was an intense make out and the sperm dropped in.”

The fact that the sperm dropped in, with or without sex, means the person it came from is the father of the baby, biologically. Any other socia-economic commitments that makes fatherhood might have failed but this sperm donor as she might have him be is the biological father. But we can argue with Wathoni. It is what it is for her.

Then Day 27 of the show happened, Erica assumed that Wathoni has been hostile towards her and sensed it was because Kiddwaya chose to date her.

In a bid to resolve issues, Erica decided to ask Wathoni why she was been hostile to her. “I’m trying to have a conversation with you and the next you start mentioning Kiddwaya, is he the finest boy in the world of something. If you want him, you can even have him right now. I already told him I’ve moved on with him. I’m not even interested in him anymore.”

Wathoni fired back by saying  “I would not have an issue with you because of a man. Behave yourself and respect yourself. I don’t have time for all of that but here for meaningful friendships”, Wathoni also added that she is in the house for the money and also has a son to think about. When Erica told her to behave like someone who has a son, their fight got more intense as Wathoni felt her son was disrespected.

Wathoni also fought with Ka3na and Vee. Her time in the house wasn’t bad as she gave in her best “content” shot.

Eviction narrow escape

On the 23rd of August, Wathoni made the bottom four among the housemates voted for by Nigerians. She stood alongside Trikytee, Praise, from the Big Brother house. She placed second from the bottom and it was up to the housemates to save her or not. They did, she remained in the house.

Actually the votes were tied with Praise who also got six votes from housemates. If two people were to be evicted that night, it would have been Wathoni and Praise but Big Brother was in a good mood and wanted only one person saved so Kiddwaya the Head of House was called upon to cast the tie-breaking vote and sent one of them home and he elected to send Praise home.

Praise has now joined Lilo, Ka3na, Tochi, Eric, and Kaisha in the list of people who lost their heads in the chopping board of eviction.

Update: A week after her lucky narrow escape, on the 30th of August, Wathoni was evicted from the Big Brother House in what was a night of multiple casualties which also saw Tolanibaj and Brighto go home.



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