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Walder Frey

“Game of Throne” is one of the best things that ever happened to us on TV. Some will say it is the best thing ever on TV and they may not be that wrong but it is not a claim I am prepared to make. Not with that horrible end that saw them send Jon Slow into the end of the world to the Ice-land where the night king used to have his headquarters.

But “Game of Throne” gave us things to talk about for years, made us laugh, made some cry, gave us memorable lines, entertained us, and showed the deepest side of hell on TV. And made us see the evil we can be. While we have characters we loved, we have characters whose presence in the show turn our fingers into fists until it hurts. Ramsey Bolton, Cersei Lannister, and Janus we just hate and couldn’t wait to relish their deaths. Tywin Lannister, Karl Tanner, and Stannis we want to hate but are sorry to see go because their form of badassery appeals to us. Olenna, Prince Oberyn, and the Black Fish entertained us. Theon, The Red Priestess of Assai, and Jamie Lannister we hated, then stop hating, then tolerate then begin to want to wish them some sort of happiness.

But there is one character who we forget to mention in the Cersei Lannister list or maybe we didn’t forget him, perhaps we just wanted to keep the most satisfying deaths of “Game of Throne” to the last – Walder Frey.

Walder Frey was killed by Arya Stark (God bless her soul as she heads to discover America). First Arya killed all Walder Frey sons then fed Frey their body as meat and he ate. Then she cut his throat after revealing to him that he just ate his sons, saying “I want you to know that the last thing you see is a Stark smiling down at you as you as you die.”

Walder Frey – Family history and crimes

House Frey is part of the Riverlands where the Tullies had always been the principal house. A Tully had always been Lord of the Riverlands and Riverrun. House Frey is a big house that controlled the Twin or the Crossing which is the major, easy passageway between the North and the West. For this, House Frey is sometimes called House Frey of the Twins as though the Twins was a major family.

In season two of the “Game of Throne”, Robb Stark sought passage through the Twin and sends his mother to negotiate with Frey and she gets his allegiance in exchange for the promise of marriage between King Robb and Frey’s daughter. Robb reneged on this. But he returned to the Freys after he beheaded the lord of Karstark and watched a large part of his army go home. He wants to represent the Karstack with the Freys and he decides to give his uncle the now-Lord of the Riverlands to marry a Frey woman.

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During the wedding, in season three, Roose Bolton a northerner and Walder Frey betrayed the rest of the north and ordered the massacre of Robb, his pregnant wife and every northern lord and soldier in what became known as the Red Wedding. In return for his treachery, Walder Frey rose to become the Lord of the Twins, Riverrun and the Riverlands. It was for these crimes that Arya came for Walder Frey’s head – nay, throat.

David Bradley the actor

David Bradley is a British actor who was born in York in April 1942. He attended the Catholic St George’s Secondary Modern School. While in school, he was involved with dramatic clubs and youth theatres from which he moved to London where he attended the Royal College of Dramatic Art and trained as an actor. The actor’s first professional outing came when joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1970s. He is most known for his role as the title character of “King Lear”.

In the 1990s, Walder Frey actor was part of a couple of successful British series including “Our Friends in the North” and “Band of Gold”. Bradley was part of the “Harry Potter” series as Argus Filch is the caretaker of Hogwarts who though isn’t an evil character is a sadist with a knack for harsh punishments.

After playing his Walder Frey part in “Game of Thrones” in 2017, he has on some sort of retirement as he now only appears in single episodes of shows. The actor who is married to Rosanna Bradley and the father of one and a fan of Aston Villa Football Club is 79 years old.

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