Viola PretteJohn: Everything You Need To Know

Viola PretteJohn

Over the years, teenage actors have built quite a name in Hollywood. They’re great instances of how talent can emerge even at a young age. While others see them as obnoxious, immature, and a waste of screen time that could be better spent on more experienced — adult — performers.

Whatever your feelings regarding young actors and actresses, most movie and television fans can agree that at least a handful has shown true potential. Some have grown up and gone on to have great careers in the film business. Others have taken other, often disastrous, routes

Viola PretteJohn has an incredibly charming personality. That, in turn, may cause viewers of shows like “The Witcher” and Counterparts” to underestimate her potential as a young actor. However, the 17-year-old Gifted actress has demonstrated an innate intelligence and insight that allows her to bring to life some rather sophisticated characters.

Her characters are intelligent, and they are often aware of it, yet she manages to represent those attributes without making them annoying to viewers. Here is everything we know about her.

Viola PretteJohn: Age, Birthplace, Background

Viola PretteJohn is 17 years old. Her month of birth has not been made public as well as the name of her parents and whether she has siblings. Viola is British and she lives in London. The actress attended an all-girls school named “St Paul’s Girls School” in London.

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Her interest in acting was sparked by a solo trip to the movies to watch filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, but it wasn’t until she saw the film that it became clear. “I was at the movies and thought to myself, ‘This is what I want to do.’ ‘This is a work of art.’ She exclaims as she spoke to Wonderland magazine


Viola joined the cast of HBO’s fantasy series “The Nevers” during her GCSE exams, a role that required her to adapt to different accents as she portrayed the character of Myrtle Haplisch. Beyond her great acting skills, she has already started championing a course to see more women get involved in acting. Perhaps, not just getting involved but having equal opportunities like the men, “I would like to see more opportunities for women to lead projects and more interesting and complex roles for women. We just want more complexities in female characters. I’m hoping this show is part of a wave to create these characters. I can see it already happening, which is great.”

Viola PretteJohn: Hobbies, Dating, Net Worth

Viola PretteJohn is not dating anyone at the moment as she is focused on her career. She has a growing net worth as her acting credits have not grown that much. Viola is someone that has the potential of making money in the acting business as age is on her side, besides age, she seems to know what she is doing.

Viola loves to play golf in her family home. She has the ambition to work with top directors in the film industry as her career soars.

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