Vincent Regan: Five Things You Need To Know

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Vincent Regan

It is hard to tell the next movie genre Vincent Regan would be starring but when it comes to the highlights of his personal life and many other endeavors, he is like an open book. Here are five things you need to know about him.

Vincent Regan was born in Swansea

Vincent Regan was born on May 16, 1965, in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. His parents are Irish immigrants. He was briefly raised in Ireland before he moved to England where he attended St Joseph’s College, Ipswich, Suffolk, Vincent also attended the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London.

During his study period at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London, he developed a likeness for acting and joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. His debut film was in 1992 when he starred in the “Unwanted Woman” in a minor role.

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Vincent Regan is 56 years old.

He is a Captain

Vincent Regan is widely known for his role in the Ancient Greece-based films “300” where he played the Captain, Troy Eudorus, Achilles’ second in command. The film narrates the story of King Leonidas who leads 300 Spartans into battle against the Persian “God-King” Xerxes and his invading army of more than 300,000 soldiers. It received positive reviews and it was also a commercial success.

He played the role of King Cepheus in “Clash of the Titans”. The story is very loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus. It grossed around $493 million worldwide, though it received generally negative reviews from critics and received two Golden Raspberry Awards nominations. The film’s success led to a sequel, ‘Wrath of the Titans”.

A third film titled “Revenge of the Titans” was in development but later cancelled due to Wrath of the Titans’ disappointing box office performance.

He received an Irish Best Actor nomination for his co-starring performance in the award-winning miniseries “Eureka Street”. The series was an adaptation to mini-series of Robert McLiam Wilson’s 1996 novel of the same name. He guest-starred in two episodes of “Wild at Heart” as Simon Adams, father of Danny Trevannion’s stepchildren Olivia and Evan.

He helped to launch South London’s Landor Theatre. In addition to his numerous talents, he is an accomplished screenwriter and director.

Vincent Regan is married to actress Amelia Curtis

Vincent Regan is married to Amelia Curtis. His wife is known for playing the role of Viki Lovejoy in the final series of “Lovejoy” although she is not that active in films she is not doing badly as an actress. Together, they have a daughter and a son Esme and Maximillian.

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Vincent also has another daughter named Chloe with Alexandra Pell. Sometimes his marriage generates a hot topic concerning who is truly his wife. Vincent was never married to Alexandra Pell. Amelia Curtis is his legal wife.

He has a growing Net worth

When it comes to the net worth of celebrities, there is a growing temptation to quote figures out of the blues. This shouldn’t be so as there is enough data available to give the accurate net worth stat of actors. But in a situation where there is no information as regards to the net worth of some of these actors like in the case of Vincent Regan, we can say he has a growing net worth without feeling guilty of misleading our readers.

Vincent is bankrupt and we believe he is earning decently in the show business.

Vincent Regan is 1.84 meters tall

Vincent Regan is 6 feet tall or 1.84 meters in height.

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