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Victor Webster is an actor who came from one of the unlikeliest places. He was a kickboxer and martial arts teacher. Born in Canada, the trail of his acting credits are full of burning huts set ablaze in Hollywood. How much of him do you know? We have all the facts you need to know about him.

Victor Webster – age and early life

Victor Webster was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in February 1973. His mother called Roswitha was a hairdresser and his father, Jack, a policeman. He grew up in Canada until as a teenager, in 1986, his parents moved to  San Clemente in California, United States of America.

As a teenager, Victor Webster was active to the point of aggression. This got him into trouble severally. To curtail this, his parents decided to keep him busy so they chose an aggressive past time for him – martial arts. He went on to become a sort of a master in many types of martial arts including Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and won belts and even went undefeated in many of the categories.

But it wasn’t all fighting for the boy. He developed an interest in acting and had a number of credits for school plays and stints of theatre classes. But when he was done with school, he didn’t become an actor nor a fighter. He chose finance and figures. He became a stockbroker and at the peak of his career owned and managed an export/import company. He was on his way to rival Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos, but his old love continually bugged him. He gave in, loved to Los Angeles and became an actor.

Victor Webster – movies

Victor Webster began her career his career in 1997 on TV when he appeared in three episodes of NBC’s soap opera “Sunset Beach”. He didn’t just catch the proverbial bug. It was injected into his bones so that in the next two decades, he had become a veteran of 80 credits.

Webster played small roles on TV and films for the rest of the century. In 2001, he joined the cast of “Mutant X” on Syndicated Network as part of the regular cast in which he played the role of Brennan Mulwray a thief turned elemental electrician with the ability to power a whole city. The series ran for three seasons of 66 episodes. And Victor appeared in all of them.

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In 2006, Webster played the role of Coop in the fantasy drama “Charmed” on The WB. Coop is depicted as a Cupid, a magical being associated with love, who is over two centuries old. He appeared in the last seven episodes of the final season of the series.

In 2012, Webster returned to his home country to play the role of  Detective Carlos Fonnegra in the Vancouver Police Department, playing the partner of Protective Services (CPS) “Protector” Kiera Cameron played by Rachel Nichols in a series set in the year 2077. The series lasted for four episodes of 42 episodes and Webster was a part of every one of them.

Of his credits, Victor Webster appeared in more than ten television films, mostly Hallmark original movies plus dozens of small episodic appearances in TV shows. Of his featured films, Webster, notably, was in “Must Dogs Love”, a 2005 romantic comedy film adapted from Claire Cook’s novel of the same title. The film revolves around a couple of a divorced woman and a divorced man who was urged to date again and who ended up together, united by their love for dogs.

Is Victor Webster married?

Victor Webster is 46 years old. As far back as 2002, when he was 29 years old, listed him as part of their “50 Most Eligible Bachelors”. Seventeen years later, Webster is still unmarried. And there are people who have thrown the gay hat into the fray, but we do not think this to be the reason.

Webster might not have found his heart desire. And he has dated some of the big names in the industry. He dated Kristen Allen in the 1990s. She is a model and actress who played the title character in the erotic movie series “Emmanuelle in Space”, who was in the series “Days of Our Lives” and “Baywatch” and in the film “The Final Destination”. Since her Webster era, Ms. Allen has married and divorced twice. She has one child.

According to AffairPost, Webster has also dated  Katie Cleary, Katrina Darrell, and Monica Hansen.

Height and net worth

Victor Webster is a very tall man. He is 6 feet 3 plus inches or 1.93 meters tall. And at nearly 230 pounds, he is more of a giant and I can’t remember writing about any actor this long (long seem to relay his height more than tall) in our database. And his height has not always been an advantage; in fact, it has cost him roles. “I’ve lost quite a few roles,” he said. “The problem is, because of my height and the way I look, I’m in direct conflict with people that I’m reading for.”

Victor Webster is worth three million dollars.

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