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Vera Sidika

In Kenya, beyond Kenya into East Africa and even the whole of Africa, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who pays attention to beauties and figures who haven’t heard of Vera Sidika. She has been called the Kim Kardashian of Africa. How much of the video vixen, socialite, and businesswoman do you? Not that anyone can completely know her. You can only try to know some of the heavier stuff which is still a lot. We did more than try.

Age and heritage

Vera Sidika was born Vera Sidika Mung’asia in Mombasa, Kenya. She is of Luhya, an ethnic confederacy accounting for more than 14% of the population of Kenya and second-largest after the Kikuyu and followed by Barack Obama’s ancestral tribe Luo. Born in September 1989, Sidika is 30 years old.

Sidika has a brother we know about named David Mung’asia who is a subject of rumors claiming he bleached his skin.

Sidika attended Kenyetta University where she studied Interior Design. She didn’t leave the university as a graduate. Her modeling and quest for a career on screen saw her appear in the Kenyan hip-hop group P-Unit’s “You Guy” video. This was the beginning of her life in show business. Sidika left the university, something she now regrets.

Vera tried to get into the “Big Brother Africa: The Chase” in 2013 and failed. Kenyan model Huddah made it into the House and reached the last three. These two women have remained rivals since then, each occasionally bad-mouthing the other.


Vera Sidika has dated quite a few men. In fact, her relationship alone can be a post of its own and it can breach the 2000-word mark with ease. And no, it is impossible to put a timeline to her numerous love interests and affairs of most celebrities. Impossible raised to the power of ten it is when writing about someone who admitted to playing men like football.

One of the most outstanding relationships she was involved in is with a man whose name she didn’t even give. He is an older, divorced businessman and they were lovers for one and a half years. The relationship with this business tycoon was financially beneficial to her so much that she referred to this lover as a sponsor. “He gave me money,” she said in a media stop in Tanzania. “A lot of it. You cannot have a rich and successful man and you are looking jaded and broke.” More than that, she was swimming in money. “To say the truth, I had never seen so much money in my entire life.”

She used the word shocking to refer to all the money he showered on her. It was so much that she began to save the monetary gifts. “Every Friday,” she said, “I would go to the bank and deposit the money.” Vera Sidika is a rich woman with cars, designer wears, landed properties, etc. to boast about. Her net worth is put at somewhere between one and 2.5 million dollars. No price for guessing one significant source of this.

Vera has also been rumored to have crossed seas to date Nigerians as she dated the millionaire businessman Yommy Johnson and Badmus Tommy Daniel, a onetime Nigerian model turned gynecologist.

Vera Sidika has dated Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown who later claimed she seduced him into a relationship with her since he never wanted her to begin with.

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More recently, Vera dated the Tanzanian musician Jimmy Chansa and broke up with him because “I’m not gonna stay in a toxic one just to impress people like you.” Yes, you.

This love for foreigners, and Nigerians, must be strong as she had been spotted with music wave-making Burna Boy in Los Angeles just before Covid-19 shut down the world as we knew it. Nothing may have happened. It might have been an innocent outing. It may be something and just that.

While we cannot say for sure whom Vera dates today, we can bet she is not as lonely as a regular single girl might be. In April, she commented on DJ Shiti IG image, shooting, “Kam tudate Shiti my Sweety” which means come date me. This we see in the open. No one knows what goes on outside of the open.

Vera Sidika – Skin

If you only recently began to see Vera on Social Media platforms and elsewhere, you might have thought her a light-skinned damsel. Indeed, she is but it was not so from the beginning. She was a chocolate Princess. Unlike many in Africa who would deny this claim and attribute it to their true color coming out now that they are in money, Vera is having none of this.

“My body is my business; nobody else’s but mine,” she told Larry Madowo in an NTV interview. “Looking good is my business,” she added. The outrage was swift and lasting. Using the Hashtag #BleachedBeauty, internet users lashed out on Sidika, the presenter, and everyone seemingly endorsing white-centric culture.

The procedure cost Sidika 15 million Kenyan Shilling which was 170 thousand dollars in 2014.

Image source: Pulse Live Kenya



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