Vee Big Brother: Here Are The Facts You Need To Know

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Vee Big Brother

The fifth season of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show started in July 2020, Vee joined 19 other housemates to contest for the holy grail prize of 85 million naira. With her non-fake British accent, Vee kept most of her fans glued to the screen mostly because of the energy she serves during house tasks for her romance with fellow housemate Neo. Here are all the facts about Vee you should know.

Vee Big Brother: Age and background

Vee was born in August 1997 in London as Victoria Adeyele. Her mother moved to London when she was eight months pregnant with her. The reality star has both British and Nigerian passports and she went on to spend more than half of her lifetime in Queen Elizabeth’s soil. She permanently came back to Nigeria in 2019 to pursue a career in music.

Vee is 24 years old. She hit this milestone in the Big brother Naija house where she was given a surprise birthday party organized by her boo Neo and made fun by other housemates. It was one of the highlights of the show for Vee. More than for Vee, this should rank high in the highlights of the whole show: Neo made a powerful editing speech for her and she wept.

Vee believed in her musical career so much that after she graduated from high school, she decided not to attend University, opting to do music instead. Her parents respected her decision.

As a singer, she performed at the 2019 Palmwine Music Festival, held at Cargo, London, England. The Palmwine Music Festival is an annual music event launched in 2017 by Lagos-based indie hip-hop duo, Show Dem Camp. Vee considers her performance at the Palmwine Music Festival as one of her biggest achievements before entering the house.

Time In The House

When Vee entered the Big Brother Naija House, many quickly noticed her striking resemblance with British supermodel Naomi Campbell. It was beautiful to see and people immediately started looking forward to what she would bring to the show. However, Big Brother Naija is not a pageant show. Viewers expect “content” and soon her Naomi Campbell charm began to fade. But Vee is not one to be afraid of being relevant. She showed viewers how talented she is in the house with her ability to make rhymes and hooks, singing along with fellow housemate Laycon, (the duo seemingly became best of friends and each time they got paired together in any of the house tasks, they killed their performance. Or so we think).

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Vee when entering the house told viewers that she is open to relationships and it didn’t take quite long for her to find an emotional connection with fellow housemate Neo. Their relationship if we could call it that has a resemblance to the gangster love kind of romance – a Bonny and Cylde to say the least. They could be cussing one minute and cuddling the next minute, they could be mad with each other one minute but genuinely care about each other the next minute. During her birthday celebration in the house, her man promised to visit her parents, it was like birdsong to the ears of Vee and she burst out in tears. Another Big brother Naija wedding loading? Only time will tell.

Missing period, fight with Wathoni

Due to the nature of her romance with Neo, it is nearly difficult to know when the duo is playing pranks on each other or being serious. After her birthday celebrations, Vee told Neo while they were in the kitchen that she has missed her period, raising fears that she might be pregnant. Vee said: “I’ve missed my period, I’m gonna fuck you up. You should be scared.” Neo replied: “I’m a fucking 26-year-old man, I’m Neo, I’m a reality Tv star. I got you.

“You probably just miscalculated so don’t be scared,” he added. Viewers were surprised when Vee raised this discussion as none has seen them behind the sheets making out. It must be a romance from outside the house. Viewers took to Social Media to lampoon the situation, asking Big Brother to prepare to become a grandfather. Vee later saw her period as she was once seen complaining about what could be periodic cramps.

Vee got into an altercation with fellow housemate Wathoni during their first week in the house over bed space. It was not a fight that lasted for long as they reconciled soon enough.



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