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Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies is an actress who also sings and dances on the side. While she is Canadian, she is most known for the “American Dreams”, a drama series that aired on NBC between 2002 and 2005. She has also featured in more than fifty other acting credits since making her debut in 1995. There are many shades to the person and career of Vanessa Lengies. Here is a summary of Vanessa Lengies in three sections.

Vanessa Lengies was born to an Egyptian mother

Vanessa was born Vanessa Brittany Lengies in July 1985. She was born in Montreal by an Egyptian mother to a German father. Vanessa grew up in Hudson, Quebec, where she attended and graduated from Hudson High School in 2002. Because she grew up in Montreal and of Egyptian heritage, Vanessa was able to learn and speak English, French, and some Arabic.

Growing up, Vanessa was a huge fan of “Popular Mechanics for Kids” a show that taught children how things were done and which was credited to have launched the careers of many Canadian stars. Vanessa become the host of that show when she was 14.

Vanessa who is fondly nicknamed Nessa, Nessy, Ness, Vanny, and VL is 34 years old.

Vanessa identifies as genderfluid

In 2015, Vanessa tweeted “Oh to be married and pregnant… and to this guy” referring to David Fynn, the British actor, who was in the NBC drama “Undateable” and a Lannister soldier who got torn by Robb Stark. Many took this tweet literally despite the fact she tagged the “Married Young” movie Twitter handle. If you are one of those who took the tweet literally or suffered from the rumor that started from this tweet, you should know that Vanessa has never been married nor ever had children.

These facts, however, do not hide the fact that she has a rather chequered history of boyfriends. She dated Jamie Waylett, the British actor, who was in six of the eight “Harry Potter” movie series and who went to prison for rioting. She has also dated Will Estes, an American actor who is most known for his role as Jamison Reagan, in the police drama, “Blue Bloods” on CBS. There is also James Cromer, the actor and producer known for “The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story” from 2007. Etc.

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We know there are other lovers because Vanessa identifies as genderfluid which means she does not completely see herself as completely masculine nor completely feminine and she also says she is bisexual which means she has had lovers of the same gender we know nothing about. We know a lot about Vanessa’s sexualities through her “The S Word with Vanessa Lengies” a series of documentaries where she talked to peers and experts about sexuality, sexual orientation, and the journey of self-discovery. You can catch the series here. And know her better.

During one of her shows, Vanessa mentioned a fiance but as she is not yet married to him, we suspect he was a boyfriend as of the time. According to Canadian Sun-Times, in January 2020, Vanessa and her boyfriend were shopping for an engagement ring. We believe that the two have now found the ring and her happily engaged.

Vanessa is worth a fine sum

While Vanessa Lengies is most identified with her role in “American Dreams” in which she starred in all its sixty-one episodes across three seasons, it is not the one most fans know her for. She was only in 26 of the 121 episodes of the musical comedy-drama “Glee” on Fox, but her role as Sugar Motta, resonates most with her fans. She was in “Glee” between 2011 and 2015. Vanessa also famously featured in “Hawthorn”, the medical drama on TNT between 2009 and 2011; in “Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures” on Disney XD, and a host of other live-action and voice roles.

Vanessa Lengies’ reward for these is a net worth of 7.5 million dollars.

Vanessa is rather short standing at 5 feet 2 inches (or 1.57 m). But given the choice to choose between being short and rich or tall and broke, we know what everyone will choose.

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