Vanessa Lane – Age, Career, TWO OTHER FACTS

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Vanessa Lane

Breaking into the movie industry is a task many do all their lives without a breakthrough and this is also the reason why many people like Vanessa Lane chose a different lane in the show business to keep people entertained and showcase their talents. Lane makes her money in the adult-content genre of the entertainment industry and if you’re searching about her, you might be a fan or either curious or you’re simply doing research. Whatever your reason, here is the full biography of award-winning adult star- Vanessa Lane.

Vanessa Lane- Age

Vanessa Lane, whose birth name is Kristie Marie Student, is an American actress who was born on the 14th of October, 1983 in New York City, in the United States of America. She will be 40 years old by October 14, 2021.
She is not an only child, she grew up amid four other siblings, who are all boys. She was not an introvert while growing up. She was always partaking in social activities.

The names of her parents, who they’re, and what they do are not information that is available at the moment but they were very supportive of her activities in school. Their support made her venture into sports, theater, and also made her take classes in the choir.

Vanessa Lane- Career

Vanessa’s career started quite at an early age when she decided to go into the world as soon as she turned 18 in October 2001. She wanted to discover the world for herself and carve out her path in life, which she did eventually.
Her first gig as an adult was as a strip dancer. Because she was into sports, you can imagine how easy it was for her to bend, change diverse positions, stretch, and every other thing in between she has to do as a dancer.

One can only visualize how sexy she looks in a skimpy outfit whilst she dances seductively to music playing in the background, doing a striptease to the delight of her audience. Having such a great body that is banging, she will leave so many people breathless as they watch her performing on stage as if she owns it.
Through sheer determination, she worked her way through the East and Gulf Coasts and finally found her way to California.
Her journey to California turned around her career cause that was where she met a lady by the name of Alexis Amore, who happens to be a blue film actress.
Alexis introduced Vanessa to her agent, one thing led to another, and that was how the young lady became a porn star, finally finding where she belongs.

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In 2004, Vanessa’s adult movie career kicked started. She was so good at it that she was nominated for so many awards in the process.
In 2006, she was nominated for a role she portrayed in the movie, “Vault of Whores” for the Best Lesbian scene. That same year, she got another nomination for “Best New Starlet” and “Best group sex scene” for the movie, Lexie and Monique Love Rocco.

In 2008, she got nominated again for her role in “Flesh Hunter 9” for Best Anal Scene. She has been in the business since 2004 up to date.

Body Measurement

The athletic and beautiful screen goddess has brown hair and brown eyes and her dress size is 37, while her shoe size is 8. Her height is 5 feet 1inch(156cm) and she weighs 43Kg(94 pounds). Her figure measurement is 33C-22-32. This figure is possible to attain because she works out often. She does Yoga and Pilates to maintain and keep her body fit, so she can flex it anyhow she wants.

Vanessa Lane- Two Other Facts

There are two other facts you ought to know about this stunning lady, and that is; She loves traveling. She likes changing environments, going to different places for sightseeing and taking in the scenery before her, meeting new people, and not forgetting to take time out for herself to relax and enjoy herself.

She also loves taking selfies! That’s right, she can’t get enough snapshots of herself, so her camera always goes Click! Click!! Click!!! There, you have it. The complete package of the personality of Vanessa Lane.

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