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Van Vicker

Handsome man, well built, cute smile, funny, talented, one small nice flirtatious gesture and many would fall on themselves to answer. Not so fast. Van Vicker happily married with beautiful kids. Throughout his career, he has been regularly praised by critics, and his breakthrough into Nollywood made ways for other Ghanaian actors. Van Vicker has starred in many roles in movies but do you really know him? Here are five facts you should know.

1. He started off his career as a radio presenter

Van Vicker started his career in the radio station. He was a presenter at Groove 106.3 FM (1999–2000) and Vibe 91.9fm (2001–2004). During this period he made a meaningful contribution to the world of radio entertainment.

Then he received national attention for his hardwork when he first starred in the Ghanaian television series Suncity –taking the role of a Fine Arts student who was born in the US. Van Vicker went on star in other movie roles. However, his debut film in Ghallywood is Divine Love. It was also a debut movie for Jackie Appiah and Majid Michael.

2. He considers himself a global citizen

Not what you’re thinking! His global citizenship is self-claimed and not an award. Van’s father is a Dutch and his mother is a Liberian-Ghanaian mother.

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Van Vicker’s father died when he was just six year’s old, living the young Van in the care of his mother who played the role of a father while raising him. Due to the affinity he shares with his mother, he considered her to be his greatest motivator.

Raised in Ghana, Van Vicker also owes his screen success to Ghallywood however he does not like work working with Ghallywood producers.

3. Acting in Hollywood is in his bucket list

Many have different things in their bucket list and for Van Vicker, acting in the Hollywood is in his bucket list. The actor who started from Ghallywood shattered the Nollywood ceilings and became most people’s favorite especially in romantic movies –an area dominated by Jim Iyke, Nonso diobi, Mike Ezuruonye etc.

He has consistently stayed on top of his acting game with several awards winning six in nine categories he has been nominated for. Not bad for our romantic lead actor.

4. He never had any romantic affair with Nadia Buari

Bloggers like to fuel dating rumours among popular actors in order to draw sharp controversies or most times for click-baiting. Earlier in his acting career, Van Vicker has always being paired with Nadia Buari –Ghanaian’s screen delight.

The rumour of their romantic affair became so intense that it almost threatened the marriage of Van Vicker. However, the actor debunked the rumors, restoring some dignity in his career.

Nadia Buari is not the only actor she likes working with as names like Jackie Appiah cannot be erased. In one of the interviews, he granted to newsmen he clearly stated the relationship he shares with Nadia Buari and other female actors. About Nadia Buari, Van said “We never dated. As at 1999, we were close, now we are not so close and that is the truth. We were close because we started acting together way back in Ghana and we were paired up a lot of times. I think for the first five movies I did, she was there and so, we became close. I didn’t get close to Jackie like that because Jackie was always on the other side of the film. You know it was usually Nadia and I that were having the love thing going, but until she got involved with ACN, she started traveling a lot and doing other stuff. So that bond was lost because she is on a different level now. At a point in time, she wanted to stop acting, whether it’s true I don’t know. But for me, she just disappeared at a point in time.”

5. He runs a movie production company in the US

From his a small neighbourhood in Ghana, the actor made it to the US, setting up a movie production company in the United States of America. While Star+Orange produce his movies, Black star entertainment markets them. These two companies push African films across the globe too.

Since it was founded, he has produced five movies under Sky+Orange winning two awards NAFCA best actor and director’s award.

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The actor also owes an acting foundation called Van Vicker foundation. Though this foundation, he brushes the talent of upcoming actors, getting them ready for the task ahead.

Bonus Fact: A fake Facebook account of Nadia Buari once shared news that he died in a ghastly motor accident while going to Church, the actor quickly dispelled the news by sharing a picture of himself with this caption: “My publicist and ETV producer; confirming I am ALIVE. All the accident of my death are rumors, Holy Ghost FIRE!!”



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