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Tuppence Middleton

British born actress Tuppence Middleton has found her footing in acting, starring in films like “Tormented”, “Trance” and “The Lady Vanishes”. Tuppence was born on 21 February 1987 at Bristol England from parents Nigel and Tina Middleton.

The actress was raised in Clevedon, Somerset with her older sister Angel and younger brother Josh Middleton. Here are five facts about the star.

1. Her name Tuppence has an Old England Family root

Tuppence sometimes spelled “Twoppence” (Check her Instagram handle) was her mother’s childhood name given to her by Tuppence’s grandmother. Tina Middleton (her mother) must have loved the name so much and swore that her daughter would bear the name officially.

Tuppence has never complained about her name, she has even carried the name with so much dignity that others has named their daughters after her.

2. Tuppence Middleton was active in stage and drama during high school

Middleton went to Bristol Grammar School and later attended Stagecoach (school of performing arts) in Portishead. She proceeded to Arts Educational School in Chiswick, London, from where she received an honors degree in acting. She had been involved in school plays and also appeared in local drama productions including a pantomime at Clevedon’s Princes Hall with her sister.

Her acting debut came in 2008 when she was handed a role in the short film “Dance Lessons” playing the character of Alice. In the year 2009, she got a chance to appear in British horror/comedy called “Tormented.”

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She appeared in the 2015 film “Jupiter Ascending”. The film had a gross collection of $184 million at the box office with a budget of $176 million, a disaster. Likewise, other movies she has appeared include “The Imitation Game”, “Cleanskin”, “Trap for Cinderella”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”.

She starred in the Netflix Original series “Sense8”. She also started in the 2016 BBC drama “War & Peace”. She appeared as Alwyn in Fisherman’s “Friends” in 2019

However, it was her debut film that opened the doors for her to appear in these movies.

3. She was nominated for the London Evening Standard Film Awards 2010

Tuppence Middleton became a nominee for the “Most Promising Newcomer” at the London Evening Standard Film Awards in 2010. This is a huge boost for any actor or actress because it signifies that people are watching and in love with what you do.  Although she never won the award, she made a strong statement which in turn reflected on her acting CV.

4. Tuppence Middleton is dating Robert Fry

Many people threw up their nets for a catch, but none captured the heart of Tuppence Middleton like Robert Fry. Being an art lover, Tuppence went after a painter. Of course, the name doesn’t ring a bell but Tuppence’s name does.

Middleton and Fry have been dating for at least a couple of years now. In a conversation with Daily Mail in early 2016 at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, she said; “I’m here with my boyfriend”.

At the event where they were spotted together, Fry also told the media that they met a while ago through a mutual friend.

A month after that, they were spotted by paparazzi cameras out and about on the streets of London. The pair were sure not to give away too much public display of affection. But they held hands while they hopped from shop to shop.

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Middleton is not the kind of celebrity who share every personal moment of her relationship on social media but in March 2017, she broke the rule for Fry and this was when Fry signed up for an Instagram account, Tuppence pleaded with her fans requesting that they follow him.

Robert Fry, born in 1981 and hails from North London. Who knows, a British wedding might take place but not in Buckingham palace as Tuppence Middleton is not in any way related to Kate Middleton

5. Tuppence is also a voice artist

Considered as a nerd during her high school days, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the born actress has given her voice to the Lady Lucille Waycrest in the video game World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth. Internet sources reveal that she received around $26.78 per hour for this project.

Tuppence Middleton net worth is put at around $3million dollars.

Image Source: The Independent



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