Toby Regbo: Career, Net Worth And Other Facts

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Toby Regbo

“Mr Nobody” star, Toby Regbo is a name that has appeared in countless films and TV credits. It is a name that has now appeared before you so we ask, how much of Toby Regbo do you know? Here are major facts about the actor.

Toby Regbo: Age and career

Toby was born on 18 October 1991, in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom. He attended Latymer Upper School in West London. Later, he went to Young Blood Theatre Company with support from his mother.

Toby’s career kick-started when he appeared in a minor role in 2006 ITV television film “Sharpe’s Challenge”. The film was an opportunity for him to showcase his acting talent and to justify why he was at every audition venue. Toby grabbed this opportunity, making his first film appearance a major hit.

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In 2009, Toby played the character of Nemo in a science fiction drama “Mr. Nobody”. He was only 15-years as of the time –a truly “Mr Nobody”. His contribution to the science fiction drama went unnoticed as he earned more screen roles.

Toby also portrayed the role of Albus Dumbledore in the film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. But the film that gave him an award is “uwantme2killhim”. For playing his role so well, Toby clinched the Edinburgh International Film Festival Award in the category of Best performance.

He is turning heads in the movie industry, he might also be turning page scripts rehearsing for a project. The celebrity life is unpredictable and he looked well suited for it.


Toby is a handsome man and he is still in his prime. He is one actor ladies would fall on themselves to answer if he calls. But he is disciplined having escaped being entangled in the web of Hollywood hot romance.

Internet sources report that Toby dated Adelaide Kane between 2013-2014. Adelaide appeared in the TV series “Reign” with him during this period. Did Toby really date Adelaide? Maybe the actors held hands and spent quality time together in places meant for lovers which made fans to speculate the love they shared on-screen has now translated to real life.

When the dating rumor intensified, Adelaide debunked it, stating that she likes Toby as a friend and she understands that fans want them to be real-life couples because of the “Reign” storyline.

On the part of Toby, he didn’t utter a word, never said if he loved or hated Adelaide or if he found her company interesting. Perhaps Adelaide was waiting for him to say something but when she was continuously kept in the back pages of his life, she moved on to date Toby’s former schoolmate and another “Reign” co-star, Sean Teale, but the relationship only lasted for two years.

Toby Regbo: Net worth

How rich is Toby Aregbo? Perhaps no one has got a clue. The actor lives a private and has never shared how much money he has amassed so as not to be taken as arrogance maybe. His net worth might be in thousands of dollars or it might have passed it considering he is combining his acting career with music.

But we know that he is not bankrupt, nor does live in Las Vegas and see things which might tempt him. He is earning well at the moment and has the potentials of one who has what it takes to increase his bank figures.

Other Facts

Toby’s actual last name is “Hansen”. Hansen is a popular name in Norway where his father hails from. However, the name was replaced with “Regbo” by one of his ancestors because Hansen became too common in Norway.

Although the change of name has been done but anytime Toby Regbo’s name is mentioned, Hansen comes to the mind of his fans. And changing of the name Hansen has not changed his roots.

Toby Regbo is an agnostic. His faith is not anchored in any book. He does not subscribe to any faith and he does want his view on God to be misinterpreted

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