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Tiya Sircar

Tiya Sircar is that one actress that has flirted with greatness, not really in there but somewhere closeby at the edges of greatness. She has acted in TV series, in films, and has made some name for herself. Here are facts about her you need to know.

Tiya Sircar was born in Texas

Tiya Sircar was born in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas. She was born in May 1986 to Indian-American parents who were originally from Calcutta, India. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sircar are college professors. Hers, it can said, was an academic environment. This is where she got her roots in the arts and the creative.

According to IMDb, Ms. Sircar began dancing at the age of three. Indian classical and folk dance, ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern. By seven she was already taking an acting class. And the couple also made sure that Tiya learned and speak fluent Bengali.

Tiya began her career aged thirteen. She is one of the people they say who came fully to the industry fully made for the long journey.

Tiya has one sibling, an older sister named Priya.

She began her career in 2005

Tiya Sircar’s career began in the independent short movie “Heavily Beauties”. She played the role of an Indian dancer which in a way takes into cognizance her whole training as a dancer and actor.

She was in “Star War Rebels” the animated TV series on Disney XD. She voiced the role of Sabine Wren and was so good in this role that BTVA Awards nominated her for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series – Action/Drama. Working in this series for 64 episodes made this her most extensive credit. But this is not the work for which she was most known. And you can’t blame no one, they only heard a voice.

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But everyone saw her in full acting glory in the comedy TV series “Alex, Inc.” on ABC, in three episodes of “The Vampire Diaries”, and in the “Witches of Witch End”.

Tiya Sircar has two degrees

Tiya Sircar comes from an academic family. Both of her parents are college teachers so when others go to the university to earn a degree, Tiya earned two – one for papa, the other for mama. A degree in business and marketing and the second in dance and theatre. These from the University of Texas at Austin.

After university, now fired up for the race ahead and with a few credits in acting, Sircar made for Los Angeles to begin her Hollywood career.

Tiya Sircar was in The Internship

The Internship is a comedy film (and it seems that she mostly acts comedies – seems!). The film was released in 2013. The story revolves around some crazy dudes who lost their job and then woke up one day and decide to go intern in Google. Yes, the guys at Google.com. And they got accepted.

Tiya played the role of Neha one of the team members the crazy interns. She is a nerdy uptight girl who hides her nervousness and lack of experience behind a facade of fantasies and rudeness.

The film was not so well-received as many saw it as a veiled commercial for Google. It scored less than average positive reviews. 93 million dollars in the box office is not such a bad return, but a little underwhelming for its 58 million dollars budget.

The actress is a sort of linguist

She speaks her native Bengali. She also speaks Spanish, French, and some Italia. Do we have to count English?

It is not clear how Tiya learned to speak these languages. She learned Bengali at from her parents and since she considers Texas her home and there nearly 3 out of ten people speak Spanish at home and she may have learned this from her neighbors.

Tiya Sircar is 5 feet 3 inches tall

Or 1.6 meters tall. You can’t call her tall. Outside of Hollywood, she cannot be called short but in Hollywood where the average height for female actors is 5 feet 5 inches, two full inches taller than Tiya. Tiya weighs 53 kg (these things fluctuate – don’t bet on it).

Her income is steadier. She is worth 3 million dollars. Not a bad return for the star who has refused to show the romantic side of her but who has left enough clues to suggest she is dating a certain Yuri Shuravloff.

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