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Tim Rozon became an instant star when he portrayed the character of Tommy Quincy in the 2004 TV series “Instant Star”. He has been in the acting business for a decade appearing in lead roles as well as minor roles.

He has written books and he has modeled before. What else do you know about him? Here. We x-ray his career details for your reading pleasure.

Who is Tim Rozon?

There are many layers of Tim Rozon who was born Timothy James Rozon on 4th June 1976 in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Little is known about the schools he attended, where he was born, his siblings. His parents. Tim is not the type that gives personal information to the media.

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But one thing we know is that he has a birth date which signifies he was born and actually has a country of origin.

Tim Rozon: Career

Tim started his career as a model. He is the complete package, chiseled body, coupled that his height of 1.8M (5 feet 11inches). And this mustache.Tim Rozon

However, his modeling career was short-lived as he soon abandoned it to become an actor. Rozon first starred as Dandy Man in the TV film, “The Great Gatsby” starring legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The title of the film is not an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel “The Great Gatsby”.

Tim landed his breakout role when he starred in the series “Instant Star”. He appeared in 52 episodes of the series and the followed that followed gave him that the assurance that he didn’t make a bad decision when he ditched modeling.

Tim Rozon went on to appear in the following projects “Pure”, “End of the Line”, “Screamers: The Hunting and The Legend of Sarila” and many others.

Tim Rozon appeared in the series “Schitt’s Creek” where he played the character of Mutt Schitt for 23 episodes alongside other actors like Eugene Levy, Chris Elliott, Emily Hampshire, and Annie Murphy.

Then the genre of horror movies captured his attention and he starred in the series “Wynonna Earp” portraying the role of Doc Holliday.  The film earned him and his co-stars the People’s Choice Award for best Sci-Fi show in 2018.

His last major contribution to the screen was in 2018 when he starred as Sam in the film “Lake Placid: Legacy” and another television movie named “Beginner’s Luck” which has not been released. He has produced a documentary named “Shuckers” which is about the world of oysters and those who shuck them.

Where does Tim Rozon live?

You must be wondering if he lives in Los Angeles (the city of angels) like many actors. But Tim lives in Montreal Canada perhaps he doesn’t find the warm sunny weather all that attractive.

Another thing that must have wooed him to move back home could be because of the restaurant name Grade Manger he founded with his best friend Chuch Hughes in Montreal. And we suggest this might be the bigger catch. Tim manages his career and his restaurant and whatever that is to be managed in Montreal. However, getting into the U.S.A from Canada to feature in any film project shouldn’t be hard for him. (Even if Trump decides to build a wall to keep the Canadians away).


Tim shrouded his family details in secrecy but he was not successful in all although blogs report that the name of his wife is unknown. But Tim’s wife is not “Unknown” (Pun unintended). We dug out some information from our archive and got his wife’s name.

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On September 6, 2015, he tied the knot with Linzey Rozon. Linzey might not be popular but she married to a popular actor and that is a big deal irrespective of what naysayers say. Does the couple have kids? Currently, the couple has not added any new member to the family. They could be making plans to do so.

Net worth

Tim Rozon is rich enough to shuttle between two countries doing what he knows how to do best. Some sources put his net worth to be around $2.5 million dollars while others put his net worth around $1 million dollars. (American dollars please). Whatever the case may be, Tim is a millionaire. He has had streams of income from modeling down to acting. His food franchise in his native Montreal adds more zeros to his bank balance.

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