What is the Story of The Accountant? Will There Be The Accountant 2?

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The accountant 2

Some movies are difficult to understand. Impossible seems more like the word I need but let’s go with difficulty for now. Some movies are difficult to like. You watch you see one or two actors in it you love, you try to extend this love to the movie. You try for tens of minutes, you look for an excuse to call this movie a lesser evil name, you finally succeed but you still know, right down inside of you, that it wasn’t an enjoyable movie. With “The Accountant” is not exactly like any of the movies we described above – it is not that difficult to understand and it is not that enjoyable.

Let’s start with the first. “The Accountant” is not that difficult to understand but this is not to say it is a whore that lends its mouth to be kissed and parts its legs to be ravished. There are some (many me inclusive) with the WTF expression during and after watching “The Accountant”. It is for this set of people that we include the following section. If watching “The Accountant” was as easy as cutting through cheese, why not, skip the section below and go right to where we beached (not a typo) about “The Accountant 2”.

What is the story of The Accountant

It is the story of a boy who has autism. The kind that doesn’t affect the brain intellectually but sees him enter fits of violent moments capable of destroying a small portion of civilization within his reach. The father of the boy, an army man the kind that that gets deployed overseas and has seen into the eyes of terror decides against leaving the boy at a facility and will rather watch his wife leave. His solution is simple, he will teach the boy the use of efficient violence through martial arts and the use of firearms. The boy grows up to become the monster accountant played by Ben Affleck.

As an accountant, Chris has two faces. On the one hand, he is an efficient legal financial consultant but that is not what gives him the massive space and his mansion and large financial liberties. But this is an American film and an agency soon gets wind of the activities of the accountant. The Treasury Department is on his case through the director of FinCen Ray King played by J.K Simmons. He recruits an ex-Treasury data analyst Marybeth Medina played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson to chase and apprehend the accountant. Medina has two things to what with, his recorded voice and the fact that the accountant is associated with the Gambino family (in fact, one of the Gambino operatives, named Francis Silverberg who taught Chris accounting while they are all in prison, Chris for the violence at his ex-mother’s funeral).

Is Dracula 2 happening?

Analyzing the voice, Medina finds out that the owner of the voice has autism. Digging deeper, she finds out that all the aliases the accountant uses are names of renowned mathematicians. She closes in on him and soon gets his Illinois address. After government agents search the accountant home, Ray King tells Medina that he once runs into Chris on the day Chris goes to avenge his mentor who is killed for being an FBI informant. Nine people die and Ray King who is here to investigate the Gambianos could have been number ten but Chris let him live because Ray says he is a good father.

Before The Accountant 2 story continues…

Ray goes on to become the director of FinCen by using the information from Chris via the Voice to solve high-ranking criminal activities. So basically, Chris made Ray King, a lousy lowly Treasury agent the director. King is conflicted about what to do about Chris and Medina has to remind him that King is a criminal in bed with terrorists and money launderers worldwide.

Meanwhile, Chris is involved with Dana Cummings played by Anna Kendrick is the innocent accountant in Living Robotics where he audits and finds 61 million dollars missing. He is fired, he fends off an assassination then saves Dana and takes her to his storage unit from where he goes after the killers who happen to be under the CEO of Living Robotics who steals the money from his company then returns it in order to boost the company’s valuation however it is done. While there, the accountant kills many and gets shot on the leg. It turns out the hitman is his brother Baxton played by Jon Bernthal who hasn’t seen him since he went to prison.

The brothers fight then make up and agree to meet.

Will there ever be The Accountant 2?

You can say that “The Accountant” ended well for the accountant as the CEO is killed and we get to meet the Voice but not for the director of FinCen and Medina. What will they do now knowing that he is a criminal who is also a resourced person in helping the government burst many criminal rings? There is bound to be a clash somehow. There is something to be done in “The Accountant 2”

There are talks that “The Accountant 2” will happen (Let’s drop the inverted commas, shall we? it is not as if the movie has been made). The Deadline reports in 2017 that there is talk to bring the trio of star Ben Affleck, screenwriter Bill Dubuque and director Gavin O’Connor. Making 155.2 million dollars in the box office off a budget of 45 million is not exactly stuff for a franchise but there is no reason Warner Bros cannot try. Well, it didn’t happen in 2017. It didn’t happen in 2018.

In 2019, Ben Affleck was quoted saying, “Yeah, I hope so. I would love to. We’ve talked about kicking some ideas around, this last movie we just did. We talked to the studio and they seemed interested, and they kind of brought it up so, we’re looking to do that. I think it would be fun. I love Gavin, I love the movie I just did with him. I had a great experience and I love the character in The Accountant. I’d certainly be open to it.” And many took it as he was talking about The Accountant 2. Yes, he mentioned “The Accountant” but he was actually talking about “Torrance” the film that would be released in March 2020 as “The Way Back”.

But will The Accountant 2 ever happen? We don’t know. But judging by what we have in the news, it all looks like just the work of anxious fans.

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