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Taran Noah Smith

Taran Noah Smith is an actor who walked in and out of fame at a very young age. While his film credits can be summed up in one page, his personal life outside the screen would cover many chapters in a book. What do you know about the former actor who went into early retirement? Maybe not too much. Here are five facts about the star.

1. Taran Noah Smith was born in San Franciso

Taran Noah Smith was born on April 8, 1984, in San Francisco, California, USA, to parents David Smith and Candy Bennici. His parent’s occupation is not public but from the facilities he had while growing, he is not from an average home. Taran grew up with no brother but he has an elder sister, Ariandrea Hilary Smith, who is a model.

During his High School days, Taran was technically gifted and he learned how to play the drums by himself. He also had interests in sailing, motor-cycling and he learned how to fly the family’s two-seater plane at a very young age. Taran starred in the ‘90s sitcom “Home Improvement” and when the show ended in 1999 he decided to enroll at the University of California to study film but eventually dropped out

2. He married a woman 16 years older than him

Taran Noah Smith married Heidi van Pelt a columnist and vegan chef he met at the University of Southern California. Taran was only 17 when he married Van Pelt. For Taran, age is just a number and the older the berry the sweeter the juice. Van Pelt was 33 as of then and it was her first marriage. Although she is popular in her own right, when put side by side Taran who has 201 episodes of “Home Improvement” under his belt, she stands an orphaned dwarf.

Taran’s parents never gave their nod to the marriage (who will? – the guy was just a boy who normally should be thinking of university and fantasizing about some celebrity crush, not taking a woman who can legally give birth to him as wife). His parents’ objections didn’t stop their wedding. The two eloped and exchange marital vows.


Taran and Van Pelt had so many similarities as he was a vegan just like her. In fact, they set up a vegan restaurant in California called “Playfood” but when authorities discovered that the business didn’t have proper papers, they shut it down. The couple tried to open another organic food vendor in Studio city and authorities clamped on them too and they had to give up the idea.

The two who were once madly in love started to fall argue and disagree with each other so much, basically started to fall out of love the same way they fell into. The divorce papers were soon signed and each to their tent. They have a son named Nolan Eric Smith.

3. His net worth is $300k

Taran had a short time in Hollywood and it was a shock because he is a talented actor. He was born in 1984 and is currently 36 years the age when most people begin their acting career. Well, retiring early from any profession isn’t a bad idea but what may be considered bad is if the actor retired to file for bankruptcy.

Taran’s current net worth is $300,000 thousand dollars. That’s what most A-list actors make in a single episode. We don’t know if some of this money is generated from the food vendor he ran with his former wife Van Pelt. A $300k retirement package for an actor who is in his late ‘30s may be considered very poor.

4. He once sued his parents because of his trust fund

Following his parent’s refusal in his choice of a life partner, Taran fell out with them and next thing that followed was a suit alleging that his parents took the $1.5 million dollars to buy a mansion. His parents denied the claims made by their son. Speaking with Marin Improvement Journal, his mother said,“Of course we didn’t touch his money… It was in a trust fund. We couldn’t have touched it if we wanted to.” And this proved to be true as his money was intact but he couldn’t access it at the time because he was underage. Eventually, Taran had access to his money when he turned 18.

5. Taran Noah Smith began his career aged 7

Taran Noah Smith made his screen debut in “ABC TGIF” in 1990. Then at the age of 7, he played the character of Mark Taylor in “Home Improvement” a family sitcom which he starred from 1991 to 1999.

In 1995 he portrayed the character of Tim Cratchet in the film “Ebbie”, alongside Susan Lucci, Wendy Crewson, and Ron Lea. He also guest-starred in a season two episode of The WB family drama series “7th Heaven”. Smith also appeared in the 1998 family film “Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home”. He did not make too many films due to his early retirement but during his stint in the acting industry, he won a couple of awards like the Young Artist Award in the category Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Under Ten for Home Improvement in 1992, and Young Artist Award in the category Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a Television Series for Home Improvement in 1994.

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In an interview he granted to the press in 2001 he said, “I started Home Improvement when I was 7 and the show ended when I was 16. I never had the chance to decide what I wanted to do with my life. When I was 16, I knew that I didn’t want to act anymore.” After this statement, Taran ended his acting career. Just like that.

In 2012, He was arrested for driving under the influence and was charged with possession of hashish. Taran was mandated to undertake 12 hours on a drug diversion program for one and a half years, he was also placed on probation and fined too. With his failed vegan business, Taran currently volunteers to help victims of natural disasters, this he showed in 2017 with the Burners Without Borders in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. He also has an art gallery which he set up so he could cater for himself and his son.

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