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Swoosie Kurtz

Swoosie Kurtz has gripped hearts, entertained viewers and earned fans by the hundreds of movies she has starred in a career that has lasted for more than five decades. How did she do it in an era when there was no Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to announce her project? One answer, she was that good.

In fact, still very good that retiring from the screen has never crossed her mind. What did you know about Swoosie Kurtz? Not enough to ignore these juicy details about her career.

Swoosie Kurtz: Real name

Born as an only child in on September 6, 1944, at Omaha, Nebraska, Swoosie lived in more than seven states in America and received the best education anyone from her background could get. Her father Allen Kurtz Jr was an American Olympic diver who served the United States Army Air Forces as a pilot while her mother Margaret “Margo” (née Rogers) peddled words for a living.

Swoosie’s father an experienced American bomber pilot who moved the family quite a lot because of the nature of his job was so fascinated with the two B-17s he piloted and the 463rd Bomb Groups, namely, The Swoose and Swoose II that he had to name his only daughter “Swoosie”. Not a bad idea, perhaps funny considering how Swoosie felt growing up to realize she was named after a bomber jet. She enjoyed a good relationship with her father until he died in 1996 following complications after a fall.

Swoosie attended the University of Southern California where she majored in drama and graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Swoosie Kurtz: Net worth

Swoosie has starred in movies we cannot count with our ten fingers for more than five decades. She has worked hard in Hollywood, she is still working hard and her hard work reflects on her net worth. The actress has an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. In fact, she could worth more than this figure.

She draws her wealth from the TV series, movies and drama she has starred in her career. Her net worth might rise or it might decline in the future it all depends on her knowledge of financial management but we believe it will increase because an actress who has amassed this amount of net worth shouldn’t be trifled with.

Career and movies

Swoosie’s first TV debut was in an episode of an ABC sitcom of the Donna Reed Show called “The Golden Trap” filmed in 1962. Immediately she turned eighteen she participated in the American television panel game show “To Tell the Truth,” were part of the task was identifying her father between two imposters. These were just baby steps into the world of fame and she never joked with it. Talk about not belittling your days of little beginning.

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The play “Uncommon Women and Others” drew the attention of producers and Swoosie starting getting more film roles.

She featured in many TV Drama’s and independent films and her efforts were crowned with awards. She appeared in the 1988 film “Baja Oklahoma” which later earned her a Golden Globe nomination, while “The Image” and “And the Band Played On” won her a Primetime Emmy Award nomination each.

She played the character of Gwen Landis in the Lanford Wilson play “Fifth of July.” The Broadway production of the play was later staged at the New Apollo Theatre saw her taking away three awards namely Tony Award, the Drama Desk Award, and the Outer Critics Circle Award.

She was nominated for the Emmy Award so many times but only won the award once for her role in the 1990 episode of the American comedy-anthology series “Carol & Company” titled “Reunion”. In all, she received the Tony Awards twice followed by many nominations. In fact, Swoosie is tired of winning awards.

Her last time on screen was in 2018 when she portrayed the character of Ruthie in “Lethal Weapon”. Will Swoosie ever retire from acting? We don’t think so, she works like one who never dies nor fades away.

Personal life and relationship

Swoosie’s personal life is not shrouded in secrecy, her life is like an open book, and anyone can read. She has fallen in love before, she has even admitted having an abortion in her prime. However, Swoosie has never been married, not on screen but in real life.

She doesn’t have kids either. She dated Joshua White, star of the Joshua Light Show. Swoosie started seeing Joshua two years after her TV debut, they spent quality time together and people thought the duo would marry, but their relationship was not written in the stars and in 1970, they broke up.

Joshua was not the only man in her life during her prime. There were rumors that she also American actor, Brent Spiner. Swoosie’s inability to marry with her wealth and fame has got fans asking, could it be that sexual orientation is different from others or is she waiting for the perfect man? We don’t know really know but we know she has a good relationship with her mother.

Her mother, Margo Kurtz started from Dementia from 2007. Margo, who wrote the best-selling book My Rival, lives together with her daughter, Swoosie.

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