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Steve Burton

Steve Burton is Jason Morgan from General Hospital the soap opera that has been running before the American War of Independence or sometime in the blurred past. While this show is the screen appearance that Burton is most known for, he has other quality appearances under his belt. And this is not just about his movies. Here are seven facts about the Indianapolis-born star you need to know.

1. He was Out of This World

No, this is not to say the actor has ever been out there in space. He was only out of this world on screen. “Out of This World” is a fantasy series that aired between 1987 and 1991 on NBC. The story was created by John Boni and Bob Booker and starring Maureen Flannigan in the lead.

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The plot revolves around the character of Evie Ethel Garland whom Ms.  Flannigan played. In the show, Steve Burton played the role of Chris, a surfer, who was a platonic and sometimes romantic friend of Evie. In all, the series featured 96 22-minute episodes and Burton appeared in 60 of them.

2. Steve Burton is more than just an actor

As with many actors who know their onions, Burton is not just an actor. He has grown to master other parts of the screen. He is also a writer and director. In 2005 he wrote and directed the film, “Laws of Gambling.” It must have been a gamble that failed to score as more than a dozen years later, Burton has neither written nor directed anything.

3. Burton is worth a few millions

Steve Burton is a rich man. At least, it is a safe bet to say he is richer than the writer of this article and you put together. According to Celebrity Net Worth, this 5 feet 10inches thespian is worth 3 million dollars.

Burton first made his screen debut in 1986, 23 years and more than three tens of credits later, he deserves every single cent he is estimated to own no matter how you want to see it. This earning is worth 142 thousand dollars per year or 100 thousand dollars per appearance.

For a family of five, this is almost modest.

4. He is an award-winner

In 2017, Burton won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role in “The Young and Restless”. He also won a handful of awards for his performance in “General Hospital” including for Hottest Male Star in 2009 and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Series given to him by the Soap Opera Digest Award.

In all, Steve has been nominated for awards ten times and in seven of these times, he went home with the award.

5. Steve Burton is a married man

If you have plans for him, if, by some stroke of weirdness, you desire this nearly 50-year old man, you are late. Steve Burton is married. He got married to a certain Sheree Gustin in 1999. Recall that Burton was declared the Hottest Male Star in the cast of “General Hospital” in 1999. He was taken that year.

The couple lives in Los Angeles with their two sons and a daughter. They are called Makena Grace, Jack Marshall, and Brooklyn Faith.

6. Burton is a voice actor

Acting entails the use of voice and body for performance, so it is no big deal to have an actor play just voice roles in some animated film or game. The difference is that for Burton he has more appearances as a voice actor than on the set of normal films.

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Burton has over fifteen voice appearances a majority of these coming in the “Kingdom Hearts” series in which he majorly played the character of Cloud Strife.

7. Steve Burton was in General Hospital for nearly twenty years

Burton joined “General Hospital” in 1991 as a series regular. He was on the screen playing the role of a deceptive character who once got married to a lady co-accused with him for murder just so that they can’t testify against each other. Burton left the show in 2012.

In 2017, he returned to the set still as Jason Morgan to cement his name in the annals of the show. They say old soldiers never die, that they just fade away. “General Hospital” is that show where Steve Burton has removed to die. Nor fade away.

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