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Stephen Wallem

Stephen Wallem is well known as a stage actor who has done so many notable works so far in his career. He came to the limelight after portraying Thor Lundgren in the American comedy-drama series titled Nurse Jackie, which his sister was part of, as a co-creator. The series ran from 2009 until 2015 when it was finally brought to an end. We are going to share all that we know about the actor in a minute.


Stephen Wallem was born in the city of Rockford, Illinois, United States of America, on June, 14th 1968. He is currently 53 years old. There is no available information about his parents, who they are, what are their names, other than the one picture he shared with them and Tony Humrichhouser during a concert. That was in August 2014.

He has an elder sister called Linda Wallem, who is also in the business of acting. She writes and produces as well. There is James Robert Smith, who is his uncle and a playwright. He inspired Stephen so much that he decided to go into show business himself. Before his journey to Hollywood and fame, Stephen Wallem attended Creative and Performing Arts, School where he graduated from and decided to relocate to the city of Chicago in 1986.

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After his relocation, he worked as a Cabaret singer and also as a stage actor. Thereafter, he ventured to New York City and featured in a Tv series “Nurse Jackie” that became his debut. And that was how his journey in the movie industry began.


Stephen Wallem is a multi-faceted American actor, who started from the stage to the big screen. He is a composer, playwright, and director. Movies and stage roles he has to his credit are; Horace and Pete, he was Randall, Difficult People, where he played the role of Chad, as Rudy Syndergaard in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, he acted as himself in Master of None. These are some of the Television series he was featured in.

His stage plays are; Passion, A Little Night Music, Sunday in the Park with George, which were all directed by Lonny Price. Man of La Mancha where he played the role of Judas, was produced by Court Theatre in Chicago.

He worked with Edie Falco who was a costar in Nurse Jackie, together they made a Cabaret show called “The Other Steve and Edie”, which took place in Laurie Beechman Theatre (which was known as West Bank Cafe Downstairs Theatre Bar). There is also his one-man musical show “Off the Wallem” that he is famous for.

And his recent work which is titled Marry Me is a romantic comedy, which will be out in February 2022, he portrays the role of Jonathan Pitts. The movie has casts like Owen Wilson, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon, etc. It is directed by Katherine Cunningham-Eves and its producers are Courtney Baxter and Alexandra Brown.


Stephen Wallem’s source of generating income is from his acting but his exact salary is not known, although he has been acting for so long and has made quite a fortune for himself. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around the sum of $1.5 Million- $5.5 Million.


The easy-going, Stephen Wallem who always has a ready smile is indeed a tall man, he stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall (1.91m). He has blonde hair and grey eyes. At the young age of ten, Stephen Wallem was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and he had lived with it ever since. He lost his left eye due to the condition, after a while. If you have seen the Tv series Nurse Jackie, you would notice that his character, Thor, showed peculiarities of his diabetes.

When it comes to his love life, there is little or nothing to show that he is in a relationship with anyone at the moment, so he is a single man.

Interestingly, that aspect of his life has been a puzzle to members of the public. No records have shown that he has been with any love interest. Although it was believed that he was in a relationship with one lady whose identity is a mystery. At his age, it is not surprising that he has been with a lover, what is rather startling is that he kept it so private that no one has an inkling about it.

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