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Some actors are made, some actors are born while others like Stephen Lang are Public Enemies, a movie he featured in, in 2009. By this time, he was already in the industry for more than two decades. Ten years on top of the many years before, there is a need to look back at a career so large and a life so rich. Here are all the facts you need to know about the star, served on a platter of the most popular questions you have asked.

How old is he?

Stephen Lang was born in July 1952. He was born in New York City. His father was Eugene Lang a multi-millionaire business executive who controlled hundreds of millions of dollars during his lifetime. He attended George Ryan Junior High School, Fresh Meadows, George School, in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and Swarthmore College, in 1973 where he earned a degree in English Literature just like the failed actor writing this.

Mr. Lang has a Catholic and Jewish heritage. His mother was a Catholic who traces her roots to Germany and Ireland. His father was a Jew whose ancestors came from Russia and Hungary. Stephen says he is not particularly religious but that “I can leave that door open for the future, if I need it.”

Lang has two siblings: there is Jane, an activist, and attorney; and there is David who took after his father and went into business.

Stephen Lang is 69 years old.

Was Stephen Lang in the military?

Stephen Lang has had a big career and some of his biggest roles came as military officers. In the film “Gettysburg”. You must have heard of Gettysburg, that was where Abraham Lincoln made his famous “Four scores and seven years ago” speech. The film itself was about the Civil War and Lang played the role of General George Pickett, a Confederate General who was involved in one of the bloodiest clashes during the war.

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There was also that Stonewall General role he played in the 2003 war film “Gods and Generals” which he considers to be his best moments on the screen. Then in 2009, he played the villainous lead role as Colonel Quaritch in “Avatar”. A Tony Award nominee and a great stage actor, one of his best-known play roles was as a Colonel.

Why is Stephen so good at carrying the characters of military officers and bringing them to a badass life? He must have been in the military. Stephen Lang was born during the Korean Conflict and he came of age during the Vietnam madness. America joined the war in 1965 and when Lang became 18 in 1970, the war was at its peak. But Lang never served in Vietnam nor elsewhere.

He successfully plays the role of military generals just as actors play drug lords, and actors play criminals, and actors play prostitutes perfectly without ever contemplating any of this in real life. Stephen Lang is just good at what he does.

In December 2022, “Avatar 2” will hit the theatres. The film which will take part mostly underwater is set to hit new grounds. Filming began in 2017 but the COVID-19 pandemic throwing began bumps to the film’s already “long and arduous” production schedule.

Stephen Lang is making a return in the film. Also returning are Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, Sigourney Weaver, CCH Pounder, and Matt Gerald. Newcomers in the film include Kate Winslet, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell, and Michelle Yeoh in live-action roles. Is Stephen Lang married?

Stephen Lang is a family man. He got married to his wife, Kristina Watson, who, according to was a costume designer and teacher. The two became man and wife in 1980. They have remained married since then and are blessed with four kids. We have to quickly point out that they are no longer kids as the last child, called Noah, left Swarthmore College with a degree in 2010.

There is not much more known about the kids (since you insist on calling them that).

Does Stephen Lang have cancer?

Stephen Lang is heading to his seventies. And according to Cancer Facts, 77 percent of cancer patients are 55 years old and above. Being in this demographic doesn’t make Lang a cancer patient, not even the fact that more than half a million Americans die of cancer per year. Stephen Lang doesn’t have cancer.

But people ask if Lang has cancer because he was involved in conjunction with LUNGevity Foundation to create awareness for lung cancer, one of the top two or three killer forms of cancer.

When people break their necks, they get involved with foundations that champion the causes of paralytics and spinal cord patients. When people fall in love with wild animal rearers, they become involved with fighting for animal rights and promoting their causes.

Not so with Mr. Lang who, starting in 2014, champions the cause for the awareness, prevention, and control of lung cancer just out of his free good heart.

How much is Stephen Lang’s worth?

Stephen Lang is not a poor man. In fact, he ought to be a big millionaire with an income, at least, on the higher side of seven figures. His father Eugene Lang was a don who was worth 150 million dollars in his lifetime. If his father had left his money to his three children, Lang should have gotten at least 50 million but no.

The old man left his fortune to charity. He believed that his children should fight to make their own money.

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Stephen Lang’s net worth is put at five million dollars all of which he earned by the works of his hands and the strength of his abilities.

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