Stephanie Sigman: Five Things You Need To Know

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Stephanie Sigman

While you’re waiting to find out the next project Stephanie Sigman would be handling, here is a look back to a career that started when she was a teenage model in Mexico. As an actress with her persistence and hard work, she has conquered TV screens not just in Mexico but in Hollywood as well. Here are five things you need to know about her here.

1. Stephanie Sigman was born in Mexico

Stephanie Michelle Sigman was born Born on February 28, 1987 in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico to a Kansas-born scout for New York Yankees baseball team Lee Sigman. Her mother Esthela Conde is a Mexican. During a field trip to Mexico, Stephanie’s father met her mother and love happened then marriage followed and the kids followed.

The actress has two brothers Kenneth Ray Sigman and Salvador Sigman. According to the actress, growing up with his brothers was fun as their father would often take them with him to baseball stadiums to see a game. Before landing a scholarship to study acting at a Mexico City drama school, Stephanie Sigman spent a few years working as a fashion model in America.

Stephanie Sigman is 32 years.

2. She is the second actress from Mexico to play a bond girl in a James Bond film

Stephanie Sigman is the second Mexican actress to portray a Bond girl or Bond lady in a James Bond film which she did in “Spectre” after Linda Christian. Bond girls are the attractive love interest of James Bond classics and they come steaming hot. Stephanie Sigman played the role of Estrella, a Mexican agent who accompanies Bond on his mission to assassinate Marco Sciarra. As with almost every James Bond movie, “Spectre” was a commercial success but not so much for a Bond film as it grossed in $880 million on a budget of $245–300 million.

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However, “Spectre” wasn’t Stephanie Sigman’s breakout role as an actress. She became famous as an actress after playing the character of Laura Guerrero in the crime drama action film “Miss Bala”.

The film was set in Mexico’s border city of Baja, “Miss Bala” tells the story of three terrifying days in the life of Laura Guerrero a young woman whose aspirations of becoming a beauty queen fell apart when she unwillingly becomes the participant in a violent gang war that’s terrorizing the northern region of Mexico.

She has also starred as Eva Guerra on the FX Network crime series “The Bridge”. Stephanie Sigman also played the role of a Colombian journalist and Pablo Escobar’s mistress on Netflix crime drama series “Narcos”. The series was nominated for so many industry awards like the Golden Globe Awards and the Golden Trailer Awards. Stephanie Sigman plays the role of Jessica Cortez, a commanding officer of the LAPD Metropolitan Division and who was having an affair with her boss on CBS crime drama television series “S.W.A.T”. The series was rated poorly by fans and critics.

3. Stephanie Sigman is married

Stephanie Sigman is married to her long term boyfriend Brian Andrew Mendoza. They tied the knot on 27th October 2018. Andrew Mendoza is a professional director and photographer. Both support each other in their careers as seen in their Instagram handles. Recently she announced that they would be welcoming their child very soon, however, she did not state the sex of the baby.

The actress rocks her baby bump confidently and fans are waiting earnestly to share in their joy. When two filmmakers marry, they usually give birth to a baby who would follow their footsteps, it’s only a matter of time. We wait

4. The actress has a growing net worth

Stephanie Sigman has a growing net worth. Having modeled for half of her career, she is climbing her financial ladder gently. Her net worth is estimated to be around 2 million dollars. She is still young and has a hunger for success from the look of things and we hope she keeps the same energy-burning all through her career.

Stephanie Sigman stands at the height of 5ft 8 ¾ (174.6 cm). A height she is so confident that she once described herself as a giant. We concur.

5. Stephanie Sigman has been racially abused

This is the 21st century and racial slurs are still alive and well. Sadly, Stephanie Sigman suffered racial discrimination during her modeling days in America. During an audition for the reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model”, other contestants bullied her, brought her to her knees because of her Mexican heritage even though she is an American citizen. She quietly left the audition venue for her bullies.

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She says she still misses the modeling life, however, she admitted that being a model was torture because most of the time when you’re so slim and close to anorexia, your managers would say you’re overweight. Now she doesn’t have to worry about being overweight anymore, she is doing well as an actress and when she bored she engages in a salsa dance, something has been with her since her childhood.

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