Sophie Ndaba: All The Facts You Need To Know

Sophie Ndaba

Sophie Ndaba is always in the kind and sometimes unkind eyes of the media and we know why –she’s a successful entrepreneur and a screen goddess who has starred in many movies in South Africa. From her weight loss to her conservative lifestyle and her battle with marriage, everything seems more interesting to her fans. Here are all the details you need to know about the actress who lives in her bubble.

1. She has been married twice

Celebrities get married and divorced quite often which no longer comes as a surprise. Sophie Ndaba is stunning no doubt and she has been led to the altar twice by men who considered her a lifetime goal.

However, her marriage to fellow actor Themba Ndaba crashed in 2007 after 13 years. Sophie took some time to recover from her first shattered marriage before meeting Bishop Keith Harrington and both tied the knots in 2011. She could have thought that the marriage would be celestial because Keith is a Bishop who hears directly from ‘God’. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only a year.

Sophie’s marital woes confirm one thing, getting married, and staying in it is altogether a different ball game. Well, she is still single and as Shakespeare said “good luck lies in odd numbers”, we see a third marriage coming soon.

2. Sophie Ndaba believes in prayers

Sophie believes in prayers maybe something her second husband taught her. The actress reveals that she observes 21-day Daniel fasting which usually starts at the beginning of every year.

Aside consecrating herself during these fasting days, the actress says she finds time to engage in fasting now and then.

3. She once suffered an online troll because of her weight loss

Losing weight is always a box that most ladies wants to check considering body size, however losing too much weight is something that brings so much concern and sometimes trolls –if you’re a celebrity like Sophie Ndaba.

The actress recent picture online sparked so many conversations and fans insinuated that she may be suffering from HIV/AIDS. It took the actress an Instagram post to dismiss the hoax news about her weight loss. However, Ndaba is suffering from diabetics and the sickness made her take a four-year break from TV.

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“Living with Diabetes doesn’t mean my life must stop. It means I will fight to live and encourage those who already are suffering from this deadly disease. Help others prevent it,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

4. Sophie Ndaba has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades

Sophie made her television debut in a television series titled Class of ’92. In 1993 Sophie auditioned for the role of Karabo Moroka on Generations in 1993 before picking up a role as Queen Moroka in 1994.

She has reached enviable heights in her acting career and she has awards to show for it. In 2003, she won Best Soap Actress in the Duku Duku Awards.

In 2016, she was a guest judge in the final Miss South Africa 2016 beauty pageant. Entrepreneurship aspect, Sophie Ndaba has also won a Pout Award at the Destination Wedding Planners Congress.

5. The star believes flirting is healthy.

Many people may consider their partner’s flirting as a form of cheating, or at least a red flag that they aren’t all-in on the relationship. On the contrary, Sophie believes that flirting while in a relationship is healthy. She told news24: I think it’s healthy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It depends on how far you take it. You can do it for fun, taking into consideration your relationship status at the time. she’s currently single, meaning she can flirt as she wants with no one raising an eyebrow.

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