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Skyler Samuels

Skyler Samuels did not just break into Hollywood to be addressed as a mere actress, she has excelled in it. Skyler who started off her acting as a child has not just excelled in acting alone, she has quite become successful in other things she has set her hands on.

How did she do it? You may ask, did the gods place a magic wand on her head? We know you have many questions and here are five facts about Skyler Samuels that may interest you.

1. Skyler Samuels was born into a middle-class family in Los Angeles

Skyler Rose Samuels was born on April 14, 1994, in a middle-class family, in Los Angeles, California. Her father Scott Samuels is a US Marshall while her mother is a film producer. Skyler grew up with her three brothers and one sister. It was a large family and their parents catered for them. As her child, she spent quality time with all her siblings and enjoyed spending time with them until school life happened coupled with acting projects.

After high school, she attended Stanford University where she studied Marketing and Intellectual Property. Skyler graduated in June 2016 and since her graduation, she has paid more attention to her acting career.

2. Skyler Samuels started her acting career in 2004

Skyler made her acting debut in the year 2004 when she appeared in the TV series Drake & Josh. She was only 10 years old then so she was given one of those roles you give to a young newcomer. In 2005, she appeared as Mary Jo in her first short film “Junior Pilot”. Followed by a recurring role in “Wizards of Waverly Place” on Disney Channel.

She has appeared in other films like “The Stepfather”, “Furry Vengeance”. She has taken up different acting roles since she made her debut but have mostly excelled very well in the horror series genre. When she portrayed the character of Chloe in the ABC Family series in “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”, a side of Skyler fans haven’t seen was unearthed. And with that, she landed her recurring role in the fourth season of the FX horror series American Horror Story as Bonnie Lipton.

Skyler landed a lead role in season one of the Fox horror-comedy series “Scream Queens”. This was one of her biggest project considering some other stars actors that starred in the movie including singer Ariana Grande. Getting a lead role in any Hollywood is often a herculean task and it wasn’t something she wanted to play around with despite she was still at Stanford when the shooting started. What did Skyler do? She took a break to attend to an opportunity of a lifetime after Brad Falchuk co-creator of the movie convinced her.

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Speaking with Hollywood Reporter she said, “It would have been hard to accept that offer from any other people. I am so thankful for having them believe in me that I was easily able to believe in them. [So] I put down Stanford for a second and jumped headfirst into the Kappa Kappa Tau world on “Scream Queens.”

She has been nominated in lots of awards, like the Teen Choice Awards which she lost but won the Napa Valley Film Festival Audience Award in 2018 and Mammoth Fil Festival Award in 2019.

3. She has appeared in a Pizza Hut Commercial with her family

Skyler Samuels has appeared in a pizza hut commercial with the whole family. Not her screen family but her real family. In the commercial, she dressed as a Pizza server, while addressing her family to go ahead and give the Pizza a bite. The commercial was widely circulated putting her family on the map. It is a demonstration that she wants the whole family to win alongside her.

4. Skyler Samuel is a workaholic

In real life? Yes. The actress admitted that one job is not enough so she combined acting with her entrepreneurship spirit. Skyler is the owner of “Ask Tipster”, a fashion and beauty app that connects users with professional stylists and makeup artists.

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In an interview with Yahoo, she said, “We live in this DIY age of YouTube tutorials and trying things out that we see online, What if we can just ask someone in real-time and have a conversation with people who can help us achieve the look that we love?” She is an entrepreneur sho is bent on succeeding.

5. Skyler is worth 1 million dollars

Skyler’s admission to being a workaholic, this, however, doesn’t reflect on her net worth. But she has not done hopelessly for herself since she stamped her feet into the acting business. The actress has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars and this she garnered from films and TV series. We don’t have any idea how much she makes from the beauty app.

She is still young and focused on acting, perhaps so much that she has not considered being in a relationship. There was a time it was rumored that she dated actor Keegan Allen for seven months. Aside from this, her name has not been linked with anyone else. She might be searching for the perfect man or she might be searching for more money. We have no idea.

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