Sheridan Pierce: Five Fast Facts About That Actress

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Sheridan Pierce

Sheridan Pierce, often referred to by her fans as Sheri is popularly known for the “One Day at a Time” (ODAAT) TV series created by Netflix where she played the character, Syd. Her first role on screen was in “The Courtyard: A Documentary” of 2012. In 2013 she appeared in an episode of “Modern Family” as Paige Stevens, she also wrote and acted in a three-minute comedy piece called “Snapchat Jesus”. Sheri is comedy and comedy is Sheri.

Tv series that give good laughs tend to escalate very quickly so there are two reasons why you don’t know Sheridan Pierce: You’re busy and don’t have time or you’re a sadist and hate to laugh. Irrespective of your reason, here are five facts about the 5 foot 1-inch actress and comedian.


Sheridan’s Sibling is an Actor

Sheridan Pierce was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California where she was brought up by her parents. She recently graduated from college but the name of the institution is unknown. She grew up together with her older brother, Brett Pierce, who is also an actor and a singer. He was very popular as a star athlete when he was in high school. Sheri’s decision to become an actress was probably influenced by her older brother.

Sheri was born in the year 1994. She will be 27 years old on the 18th of August, 2021.


Sheridan’s religion is Judaism

Sheri, unlike most celebrities, has a religion she actually believes in and uses as her moral compass. It is unknown whether her parents raised her with this belief or she found it herself.

Judaism is classified as the world’s oldest monotheistic religion (belief in only one God). It’s of the Jewish faith, and its followers believe God oh revealed Himself through his prophets. Judaism is similar to Christianity but within the Trinity. That’s enough history for a religion class.

Sheridan Pierce is a Standup Comedian

Comedy is an industry popularly dominated by men but Sheridan has something to say that would make you laugh. She has done very well for herself this past decade with her appearance as Martha in the Youth Oriented Tv series “This Just In” from 2016 – 2017. The series tells the story of Elizabeth Stanton stars as a socially repressed teenager who arrives at a new school and falls quickly into a group of rather eclectic friends each with their own issues

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Sheri played the role of Abigail in the Netflix original “Dear White People” from 2017 to 2018, and Syd in ” One Day at a Time” which ended in 2020; Sheri is also a comedian who writes and performs her jokes. She was a comedy performer at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre of Los Angeles California. She has also performed comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and sung at Lincoln Center in New York.

Sheridan Pierce is not gay

Playing Syd, a queer nonbinary girl in “One Day at a Time”, and her character’s relationship with Elena kept the raised doubts about her sexuality. This one role gave fans the impression that Sheri was a Lesbian. Sheri made it clear that her relationship with the cast offset was Professional. Debunking the idea that she was in a relationship with her.

Rumour has it that Sheri dated a guy called Neel Gosh, but there is no proof of this aside from a picture she uploaded years ago. Sheri is single at the moment and she doesn’t seem like she wants to be in a relationship just yet. But one can never be too sure, it’s now or never.

She Gets More Endorsement Deals than Actress Her Age

In April 2017 Sheridan endorsed the Glossier Beauty Brand, a skincare company targeting the young millennial online. She also endorsed Pizza Hut in a commercial named the OutDoers, a TV commercial for Dairy Queen Triple Truffle Blizzard in 2017, and several others.

Sheridan featured in a 16 minutes drama as Steph in 2018, it was dedicated to those struggling with Crohn’s disease and the painful consequences of digestion.

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