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Shel Rasten

Many stars in the entertainment industry were influenced by the life and career of their parents and guardians. Shel Rasten is one of those stars who were greatly influenced by the career choice of his parents. It is believed that his father being a film producer was a huge influence in his career choice.

We will be giving you details about his rise, family, education, and other important things you will need to know about him.

Shel Rasten – Birth, Upbringing And Education

Shel Rasten, a scriptwriter, singer, and actor was born on the 31st day of March 1982 in the United States of America to Kjell Rasten (father) and Charo Rasten (mother). His father, Kjell Rasten was a film producer at the time of his birth while his mother was also a popular pop singer in their town. She was also actively involved in comedy and dancing and has released hit songs one of them being “Dance A Little Bit Close”.

Growing up, Shel Rasten had the support of his parents who were already in the spotlight in the entertainment industry and so he started off early. Seeking to have a better grip on the basics of the career he would love to pursue, Shel Rasten attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York with the sole aim of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Career And Rise

Shel Rasten was born with a silver spoon, into a family that was already established in the entertainment industry but his career didn’t start off as was expected at first.
Being born of parents who were already in the entertainment industry, Shel Rasten was expected to take advantage of that and make an instant impact but that wasn’t really the case.

At first, his works were not really recognized in the entertainment industry. He struggled in the year 2002 even with the minor roles he was assigned to. However, a few years after, in the year 2005, he got his first recognition when he was part of Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson. Although it was a small documentary, Shel Rasten was at least aired.

After that, he started getting a series of works to take part in. In the year 2013, Rasten wrote a short movie, “The Boulevard”, which took the audience like a storm. The short movie of 11 minutes that was produced by Shel Rasten and Minemar Eva narrates the life of a 4-year-old girl who was abandoned by her mother and left under the care of an abusive father.

The music for the film was also composed by him. The short film was debuted at the Las Vegas Film Festival amid cheers from the audience. After the success of his first production in the industry, Shel was encouraged to do more and he further produced “Famous”.

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Shel Rasten is one of the actors that love trying out their hands and talents with different things. He is also part of a metal band and has released his own album titled “Happy Tuesday”, an EP. Apart from his production works, in pure acting, he became a star after he got some appearances in the series “CSI: Miami”.

In 2016, he starred as a farm boy in the comedy-drama television series “Baskets” which won the Primetime Emmy Award. His most recent appearance in a movie was in 2017 in a TV movie, “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming”. He stared as the Prince in the TV movie.

Shel Rasten Is Not In Any Known Relationship

Just as earlier stated that Shel is multi-talented, it seems he is also talented with keeping his personal life out of the public glare. He has no history of relationships or dates with any lady.

Either he is in any and doesn’t want publicity or he is truly not into any relationship, what is known at this moment is that the handsome actor, who is, obviously, getting interest from actresses and fans alike, is currently single at the moment.

Net Worth

Being actively involved in more than one professional career, acting, producing, and singing, it is expected that Shel Rasten will be definitely worth a fortune. Whether that’s it or not, you are to decide when his net worth is revealed.

As of 2020/2021, Shel Rasten’s net worth is estimated to be between $12 million and $15 million.

Body Measurement/Trivia

Shel Rasten is athletically built. From his body structure, one wouldn’t waste much time to conclude that he visits the gym and takes regular exercises. He stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m) and weighs 77kg (169.7 lbs).

– Shel Rasten lost his father on the 18th day of February 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

– His father was the second husband of his mother.

– His Star sign is Aries.

– He was involved in some other films such as Workaholics, Bird Dog, and others.

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