What Became of Sean Caracena And Cause Of His Death

Sean Caracena

Making the big screen has been a dream of many children when they look at the mirror and see a star in the stead of their reflection. But many never spare a thought as to what life would be like when they become big stars and have to deal with managing the fame and expectations that come with it. The truth is that fame has the power to consume you.

That, many will say, has been the case of Sean Caracena. Here is everything we know about him and his death.

Who is Sean Caracena and how has her career fared?

Sean Caracena was an American actor, who only had one major role which he killed and this overshadows the fact that not much is known about his age and personal life to the public before his death.

Not having many roles played during his time on Earth, Sean only had one major role which is his role in the movie “Somebody Is Waiting” which was released on 19 December 1996, where he played a role named Gavin Pullman.

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His performance in the movie was very peculiar that got everyone to love and directed all the attention towards the young actor. However, it didn’t come easy as Sean had to act all mature in front of people and had to be very professional and specific.

Cause of his death

After playing the character Gavin Pullman in the film Somebody is Waiting in 1996, the expectation on Sean to be all good-guy American actor who should never be wrong was much that trying to live up to the expectations changed him entirely as he went from a confident youngster to an insecure and disturbed kid.

The reports on the cause of death of Sean Caracena was a suicide, even though the official Obituary never got released. As per the reports, Sean was going through a massive depression and a sense of failure of not living up to the expectations that led him to take such an action.

The documentary “Kid 90” released on Hulu about kids actors growing up in the 90s shows him crying for help in video footage and phone calls but it seems like his call for help fell on deaf ears.

These expectations have led to some destruction of these young ones, which shows that most times when they make the big screen they need someone to guide them in the right direction.

Image source: LATF USA