Scarlett Pomers: Age, Career, Why She Retired Early

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Scarlett Pomers

Scarlett Pomers is a TV, movie and stage actress, singer, and photographer. Her most recognized act is as Naomi Wildman in Star Trek: Voyager. She began acting more professionally in 1995, but her career kickstarted much earlier when she was three. About a dozen years in the industry, Scarlett stopped acting and retired. What happened to make her leave Hollywood at that tender? Here are all the facts you need to know.

Scarlett Pomers – age

Scarlett Pomers was born Scarlett Noel Pomers in California in November 1988. A lot is not known about her early life and family. One popular story about her childhood is that when she was three years old, she, in the company of her mom, in a mall was spotted by an agent who somehow spotted the talent in her (or her red hair) and suggested to her mother that she pursue a career in acting for the little girl.

Scarlett Pomers is 31 years old.

Scarlett Pomers – career

Scarlett Pomers first appearance on screen was in the music video “Heal the World” by a certain Michael Jackson in 1992. She was three years old.

Aged six, in 1995, she began a full-blown actress with the role of Suzi Barrett in “The Baby-Sitters Club”. After this, she was involved in a series of TV films/series such as “Indictment: The McMartin Trial”, “Touched by an Angel”, and “The Secret World of Alex Mack”, and movies such as “Slappy and the Stinkers” and “Mighty Joe Young”. 

Then in 1998, she began playing the role of Naomi Wildman, a half-human, half-alien in the “Star Trek: Voyager” the sci-fi drama on UPN. She was in the series till 2001 in which she played a total of 17 episodes, in a recurring capacity. Her next big show was “Reba” the sitcom on the WB and then on the CW for the last season of the six-season long series.

Pomers has been in the stage plays and “Adventures in Odyssey” on radio.

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Pomers played the daughter of a single-parent and title character Reba McEntire. Pomers was in the show for 101 episodes of the 127 total episodes. She was in each of the seasons and would have earned more episodes on the show. But in the fifth season, she suffered anorexia which saw her weight shrink to just 73 pounds or 33 kg from her previous 110+ pounds/50+ kg. She was put in an anorexia nervosa treatment facility for a few months which limited her roles in the fifth season. She came back in the sixth season where her health issue was made reference to at least one.

Scarlett is also a musician. She founded a band known as SCARLETT. In January 2010, she released an EP titled “Insane”.

Why did she retire so early?

Scarlett Pomers’ last acting credit was in 2007. The accompanying question is usually, why did she retire this early, at an age when many are just beginning to find their foot in Hollywood on their way to conquering it. We do not have to speculate so much as Pomers herself gave her reasons.

“I’m a photographer, first of all,” Pomers said in defense of her leaving the industry at the age of 19. She explained further: “I do mostly fashion stuff, but I also shoot bands. I shoot their promo pictures and stuff like that, and a little bit of concerts, too. I don’t do concert photography as much as I used to because it’s not as fun, not as creative. With fashion and other kinds of shoots, I can be a little more creative and have more say on the concepts whatnot.”

The whole explanation is more of a rambling. She could combine shooting and acting like many of her now-ex-colleagues do. Why isn’t she interested in blending the two? Many she has more than just photography occupying her time.

“I also dig jewelry,” she said, “and I have an online store called The Mermaid’s Lure. I design the jewelry. It’s mostly pieces, with different kinds of stones and crystals. It’s pretty simple. It’s a hobby I like and other people liked what they saw when I was wearing it out, so I started making it and selling it.”

You heard it. She is also a jewel designer and store owner. But is this enough? you ask. Is the money enough to live on?

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“I still do music,” she reminds you. But – she is quick to point out – “I do it mostly for myself and not for money, not for a living. There’s no money in it anyway. Right now, I’m working on an industrial metal project with my best friend. I also started learning how to play mandolin a couple of years ago, so I’m writing songs for that, too, now, which has been great fun.”

Basically, Scarlett Pomers is a free soul. She identifies things that she enjoys and she does not care whether or not there is money in it. It can then be concluded that she didn’t enjoy acting (as much).

Net worth

While Scarlett Pomers is no longer an actress, she is into online store merchandise, music, and photography. She is not exactly Jeff Bezos, nor Ariana Grande nor Morgan Norman in her career. But she gets along. She is worth two million dollars.

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