Sarita Choudhury: Age, Heritage, Career, Net Worth

Sarita Choudhury

A Chilean maid, a Pakistani pop star, an alien from Orion Galaxy, a Bosnian, an Arab woman, an Indian Princess, Sarita Choudhury has portrayed them all on the screen with a brilliance that makes her name easy for the memory. She has that kind of appearance that makes it easy for her to be transformed into a different culture with as little as a headscarf and the right dose of powder on her nose. But it isn’t just about her appearance, she is gifted.

“I have always loved doing accents,” she said in an interview. “I have lived with my parents in a number of countries… My brothers used to make fun of me about how fast I could acquire an accent.”

Here is everything you need to know about the star.

Age and heritage

Sarita Choudhury was born Sarita Catherine Louise Choudhury in Blackheath, London, England. Her mother is an English woman while her father, Prabhas Chandra Choudhury, is a Bengali Indian. They two met and married in Jamaica. Sarita has two brothers, the older one named Chandra Paul Choudhury and the younger one Kumar Michael Choudhury.

Sarita was raised in Jamaica, Mexico, England, and Italy and went to college in Canada at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario where she studied economics and films.

Sarita was born in August 1964. She is 57 years old.

Sarita Choudhury – career

Sarita made her acting debut in 1991 when she appeared in the film “Mississippi Masala” which stars Denzel Washington and Roshan Seth – she played the role of a transplanted Indian woman in romance with an African man which Washington played. While the film fell short of its eight million dollars budget at the box office, it became an art-house hit. The popularity of this film enabled Sanita to leave her job of being a waitress in Manhattan and concentrated on acting.

Sarita didn’t immediately go mainstream with her film appearances. She remained on the edge of the industry with independent credits. From the late 1990s, she began appearing in more mainstream roles with “A Perfect Murder” which is a modern (1998) remake of Alfred Hitchhook’s “Dial M for Murder from 1954. She was also in “The War Within” (2005) and “The Accidental Husband” from 2008.

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Sarita has also appeared in Indian films. In 2009, she was in the movie “For Real” which is seen through the eye of a six-year-old who believes that her mother played by Sanita is an alien from some other galaxy.

On TV, she was in “Blindspot” where she played the role of Sophia Varma Deputy White House Political Director the crime TV show on NBC, “Homeland” on Showtime, “100 Center Street”, and “Kings” on NBC just to mention four. In all, Sarita Choudhury has over two dozens of TV credits.

Sarita Choudhury – family and net worth

Sarita Choudhury is a married woman. “I don’t want to discuss about my husband here,” she once said in an interview which sums up how coy and protective she is about her man. To her credit, she is even open. We have a series of actors here whose marriage statuses are shrouded with secrecy. Not only do we know about Sarita’s marriage status, we know his occupation as Sarita once said “He is not from the industry at all” before adding, “He is a war photographer.”

We also know that the union is blessed with a nine-year-old daughter called Maria who happens to be blonde which happens to be something she got from her father which is all the clue we need to know that he is white. In a couple of years’ time, bloggers will decide whether to regard Sarita as a white young woman or a person of color. Hopefully, I will be in the Bahamas cruising and someone else will be here churning out paragraphs and having an editor screen on their neck.

Ms. Choudhury who stands at 5 feet 5 inches is worth between one and two million dollars.

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