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Sara Martins

Sara Martins is an example of a brown skin girl Beyoncé sang in her Lion King album. While her beauty is obvious for all to see, her career is not exactly a wildfire. She began acting in 2001. Acting wasn’t her first choice; she was a ballet dancer which she studied in her youth but due to her skin color as there are no blacks in the peak of ballet dancing in France, they are all white and are expected to look alike, so Sara settled for acting. To prepare her for this, Ms. Martins studied theater and later acting in the prestigious French National Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Sara Martins’ career is heading to the third decade and there are no signs of relenting. We have all the information about her career. And that is not all. Whatever you desire to know about her, we have covered. Her net worth? Her husband (if any), all. First, her age and heritage.

Age and heritage

Sara Martins was born in Faro Portugal on 19 August 1977. At the tender age of three, her parents relocated to France from Portugal. The actress is of Cape-Verdean descent. Although the names of her parents are not public information, we know about her father’s occupation as a news reporter and her mother’s job as a model. Perhaps, it was from her maternal side that the desire to be in the show business was born.

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The actress is fluent in three languages. Sara Martins is fluent in the Portuguese language, she was born there even though her family moved when she was just three years of age, she was able to learn the language and maintain knowledge of it into her adulthood. She speaks the French language fluently having grown up in France where she also did her schooling, indeed it would be correct to say that French is her first language.

Sara speaks the English language too. She is 42 years old.

She made her acting debut in 2001

Sara was the first person of African ethnicity to enroll at the Lyon Opera where she learned ballet dancing. Later, she discovered that her talent could not advance up to the prestigious the Paris Opera which is the pinnacle of ballet she left. Down but not defeated, she received her Baccalauréat with a theater option.

Sara Martins received a DEUG in Law, after which she joined École des Enfants Terribles in Paris at age 20. She later studied acting at the French National Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Sara has entertained fans of different cultural backgrounds with her talents. Most of her acting credits are in French. After she graduated from the reputable French National Academy of Dramatic Arts, she appeared in a French play Le Radeau de la Méduse at the Théâtre National Populaire in Villeurbanne, France.

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Then in 2001, she played Julie in season 1 and 3 of French Police series entitled “Police Recruits”, this was immediately followed by her appearance in a feature film “Les Amateurs” (Amateurs) where she played the role of Maya.

In 2004, she appeared in the French thriller film “Tell No One” as L’amie de Bruno. She was in “Beyond the Ocean” as Olga the same year. Sara held her grounds in the cinema of France appearing in so many series and films. Then she broke into the British film industry to win more hearts.

In 2001, Sara starred in the British-French crime comedy-drama series “Death in Paradise” as Camille Bordey. Her role as a detective sergeant in the series centered on solving murders with other local officers on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint-Marie. While shooting one of the episodes, she tore her Achilles tendon for real doing a stunt.

Her next non-French screen appearance was in the NBC American thriller television series “American Odyssey where she portrayed the role of Serena. Sara returned to her French roots in 2017 starring in the French television crime drama series “Capitaine Marleau”  as Irène Ruff.

Does Sara Martins have a Husband? Is she gay?

At the moment, Sara Martins is not married and it seems she is not in any romantic relationship. There is no record that reveals who she has dated in the past. She keeps her personal life private. This is surprising for an industry that lives its life in the eye of the camera. She has managed to win over the bloggers. But because of her age, there are bound to be questions. The most asked question about Sara is whether she is gay. We are not sure but to the best of our knowledge, she is straight and she hasn’t done anything to raise serious questions on her sexuality.

Does she have babies? No. She seems to be single and focused on her career. However, we suspect that she is dating someone secretly; this is not new. Celebrities do this most of the time when they can. And they do not apologize for that as it is none of your business.

She has a rather low net worth

Sara started her acting in France, then made a some appearance across the channel in Britain before touching down America where all the big stars on earth come at some point in their careers. Sara has been paid in Euros, Pounds or Dollars, The matter of the currency is not the point here. The question is how stable is the net worth of Sara Martins? Many sources online but her net worth to be around 600 to 800 thousand dollars. Is that too little for an actress who started her career in 2001 and who has acted in three countries and in two of the richest continents for actors? Maybe, more than that, yes. If we take the troubles of thumbing at a calculator, you would see that she has earned less than fifty thousand dollars for every year she put in the acting career. All that fame, not so much money.

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But we are not 100% sure about her net worth. This is Sara Martins who has kept her romantic life under rock-solid wraps, how then do we believe anything we read about her income? She could be worth 5 million dollars for all there is to it.

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