Ruth Bradley – Major Facts About The Irish Star

Ruth Bradley

When you’re the daughter of an award-winning actress whom you caught the acting bug from, it would be boring to go to college to take acting lessons. We didn’t say this, Ruth Bradley believed so, perhaps it’s more than a mere belief as she has showcased her acting talents in many movies since dropping out of college where she was supposed to study drama and languages. Here are some major facts about her career and family life here.

Ruth Bradley: Age and Nationality

Ruth Bradley was born on January 24 1987 to Bernard and Charlotte Bradley in Dublin Ireland. Her mother, Charlotte an IFTA award winner moved to Newfoundland Canada where Ruth was raised until she was five. She has a brother named Ferdia and a sister Roisin Murphy who is also an actress. Ruth attended the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin as a child.

Her parents invested so much in her acting dreams by providing her the enabling environment and resources in order to nurture her talent. She got an agent at the age of 15 whose task was to her get into acting properly. Ruth left school while studying for her final exams in 2003 to star in a six-week tour of the Druid Theatre’s production of Sive.

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The actress dropped out of university after three weeks to pursue acting full-time. Ruth Bradley is Irish.


In the year she made her debut, she appeared in two movies. Bradley appeared in “Ultimate Force” as Georgia Gracey and “Sinners” as Angela. The following year, she appeared in three episodes of the Irish medical drama series “The Clinic”. This was followed up with an appearance on the series “Love is a Drug”. She is best known for playing Emily Merchant in “Primeval”

Primeval is a British science-fiction drama television programme produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. Created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines. The film follows a team of scientists tasked with investigating the appearance of temporal anomalies across the United Kingdom through which prehistoric and futuristic creatures enter the present, as well as trying to stop the end of the world.

In 2009, she starred in the film ‘In Her Skin”, the true story of an Australian teen who goes missing and is later found to have been murdered by her childhood friend portrayed by Ruth Bradley. She played companion Molly O’Sullivan in the Doctor Who audio drama “Dark Eyes” and also appeared as DI Karen Voss in the Channel 4/AMC science fiction series “Humans” She presented at the 4th Irish Film and Television Awards in 2007. She appeared in a lead role in the Irish monster series “Grabbers”.

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She played the role of Antoinette Keegan in “Stardust”, the 2006 TV miniseries about a fire that killed 48 people at a dance club.

Ruth Bradley: Awards and Other Facts

The apple did not fall very far from the tree. Bradley won the IFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007 for “Stardust”. This is the same award her mother won. She won a Best Actress award at the Milan International Film Festival 2010 for her performance. Her sister is also IFTA nominated actress. Seems the IFTA award is a family thing.

Ruth Bradley is currently dating Richard Coyle. They started dating in 2011 and have been together for around 10 years. Maybe one day Richard would pop the Will yo marry me” question. Maybe he has done that but Bradley might not be interested. She has a net worth of one million dollars.

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