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Ron Cephas Jones

Emmy Award-winning Ron Cephas Jones is many things to many people. A six-footer, a sinister smile and someone is going to get hurt and everyone else is entertained. Here are a handful of things you need to know about the This Is Us star.

Ron Cephas Jones was born in New Jersey

Ron Cephas Jones was born in New Jersey. He was born in January 1957 in a town called Peterson. You probably haven’t heard of the town. There are hundreds of cities in the United States so your lousy geography can’t be blamed for this.

We do not know a lot about Ron’s parents but we know that Ron attended John F Kennedy High School, a school known for its athletic endeavors. After this, he attended Ramapo College of New Jersey (RCNJ) in Mahwah, also in New Jersey. At this stage, it should be fine to use the cliched born and bred in New Jersey.

His daughter is an award-winning singer

Ron Cephas Jones is not married but he has a grown daughter, now every youth-man is green with jealousy. Ron Jones pulled this off and the manner is not the issue here. His daughter is named Jasmine Cephas Jones. She was born in July 1989. Her mother is the British-born jazz sensation, Kim Lesley.

Jasmine is an actor and also a musician. On-screen, she is most known for her roles in roles of “Peggy” in the original Off-Broadway production of Hamilton. She has also starred in the film “Mistress America” (2015) and “Blindspotting” (2018). The best way to introduce her music career is to point out that she is a Grammy-award winner for the Best Musical Theater Album in 2016. All we need to do mention a handful of superstars who never won the Grammy and you would understand how fortunate Ron Cephas Jones is.

Jasmine is engaged to marry a certain singer and actress called Anthony Ramos.

Ron Cephas Jones was a computer criminal

Not in real life, of course. In the TV drama “Mr. Robots”. He appeared in eight episodes of two seasons of the show, this was enough to establish his character on the viewers. His character Romero was a computer wizard who was a member of a shady group called the fsociety. His vast knowledge of software and hacking capabilities made him an asset.

But every rounded character faces conflicts and Romero clashed with his fellow fsociety members who didn’t approve of his quest for fame and seeming lack of commitment. Romero didn’t survive this clash. He was found dead in his home.

He gets a nomination for every 3.6 films/TV shows he stars

Ron Cephas began acting in 1994 and in this quarter of a century, he acted about 35 times. This is rather modest for the time, but he has a high percentage of rewards for his acts. As of August 2019, Jones has been nominated nine times, starting from Best Drama Supporting Actor nomination by the Gold Derby Awards in 2014 to the now pending Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

Jones has won four awards off these nominations, winning the Black Reel Awards for Television, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the 70th Emmy Awards. All these awards came from his performance in “This Is Us,” the NBC comedy-drama series. And no, this doesn’t detract from his success. This is not how us judge things.

We punch calculators and at our last punch, he gets an average of one nomination for every 3.6 screen credits.

Ron Cephas Jones is worth less than a million dollars

A million dollars is a big deal. A massive life-changing deal. Not so in Hollywood where we have actors earning a million dollars for one film, we lie not – see this, and actors earning more than one million dollars per episode, take a look at this. So when an actor invests decades an appear in dozens of moving pictures and has less than a million to show for these, he is looked at with less than appreciative eyes.

According to FeedWeekly, Ron Cephas Jones is worth about 700 thousand dollars. If we had this information, we could have rounded it up to a million dollars. Not everyone has a heart of gold, so Jones has to be included in the list of those who have not made up to seven figures in Hollywood.

A glance on the list of stars who have earned one million dollars is a certain Jasmine Cephas Jones

Image source: TV Guide

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