Robyn Hilton: Five Fast Facts About the Blazing Saddles Star

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Robyn Hilton

Beautiful women have walked this earth and Robyn Hilton is one of them. But how do you describe an actress who disappeared from the public eye just like that, with no health issues, nor final drama or scandal? It is simple. You dig then you unearth stuff. Born into the Molyneux family on 13 July 1944 in Twinfalls, Idaho USA, she is the daughter of James Elias Molyneux who was a U.S. soldier during World War II and his wife, Erma Jeanne Up. Robyn spent her early childhood on a farm in her native Idaho tending to cows and horses until she realized that she has something Holywood was craving for.

Here are five fast facts about the Blazing Saddles star.

1. Robyn Hilton landed her first job as a weather forecaster

Robyn Hilton attended and graduated from Jerome High School in 1958. After this, she proceeded to Boise Junior College. Robyn spent two years at Bois before moving to Utah State University where she completed and earned her Bachelor’s degree.

Although Robyn’s course of study at Utah State University was not made public not even by the actress, there are strong indications that Robyn studied Meteorology following the job she picked in her hometown after graduation. This is not always the case. There are many considerations other than what you studied but that is a rambling for another day. Meanwhile, Robyn worked in a TV station where she forecasted to thousands of viewers before she decided to pursue her acting and modeling career.

2. Robyn Hilton covered Playboy magazine twice with her clothes on

Playboy Magazine is reputed to use semi-nude to nude women on their cover pages because they are Playboy, but they got played by Robyn Hilton who graced their magazine fully clad. Once beaten, twice shy. Well, Hilton appeared on the cover of Playboy twice, each time fully dressed.

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How did Robyn do this? Was she so beautiful that she needed not to expose her body to the lecherous readers of Playboy Magazine who fantasized about naked models?  Or could it be that Playboy Magazine couldn’t afford her fee? We don’t know. But we know that Robyn’s adult contents went to M.O.R.E Publications where she featured in their shiny pages.

3. She got divorced twice

Marriages are not usually filled with milk and honey and there are high odds that sparks will fly. Robyn was married twice and none of them worked.

Robyn was first married to William Hilton in September 1961. The marriage lasted for seven years before an amicable divorce in 1968. After her first marriage ended, Robyn dated two people, Peter Knecht and Mitch Orenstein, the CEO of an adult media publication outfit called M.O.R.E. Publication.

It took two decades for another man to convince her that marriage is a beautiful thing so she got married for the second time in 1990 to Alan Mihoces and the marriage, unfortunately, ended like the first. But both marriages weren’t without their blessings as she has three kids in all.

4. She retired from acting in 1985

Robyn Hilton went into early retirement but she gave fans so many memories to remember. Robyn Hilton landed her first acting gig in 1964. She starred in “My Tale is Hot” and “Kiss Me Quick”, minor roles.

After making her debut appearances on screen in 1964, Robyn took time off from acting for 10 years. Then in 1974, she landed a major role in the blockbuster movie “Blazing Saddles”. The film raked in $119.5 million on a mere $2.9 million budget. This is the movie for which the star is most known. In the movie, Robyn played the governor’s sexy secretary, Miss Stein.

In the same year, she featured in other projects like The Single Girls and The Last Porno Flick.

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Robyn Hilton retired from acting and modeling in 1985.

Ever since she retreated from public life, only little has been heard of her until 2009 when reports emerged that she has filed divorce papers with Alan Mihoces. Proceedings were concluded in 2011.

5. Robyn Hilton is very much alive

Although Robyn doesn’t have a social media presence neither does she appear in social events, the actress who ruled American adult content and tormented men with her beauty in her prime is not dead. Internet sources suggest that she lives in Sonoma County in California, away from public life.

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