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It is true that Hollywood, and the world of celebrities as a whole, is littered with broken marriages. While we have celebrities whose marriages are intact, the likes of Rob Schneider with multiple divorces have continually made the stick between divorcees and non-divorcees shorter at the former end.

Rob Schneider is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He was born in October 1963 in San Francisco as the youngest of a family of five children. His father, Marvin Schneider, is a real estate broker while his mom, Pilar Schneider was a teacher and a school board member. Pacifica’s Terra Nova High School. He honed his skills as a comedian in various comedy clubs in Southern California.

Rob Schneider has a well-documented career that has spanned five decades (this is the 2020s and he started in 1989). Rob was in Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s and as of today has amassed credits films, television series, voice-over films, and video games. But it is not his career that the random Joe on Google searches for, it is matrimonial issues, who he is with, who he has been with and when these things happened, that has kept keyboards snapping.

Rob Schneider Wife: London King (1988 – 1990)

Rob Schneider got married to London King in September 1988. It was a short marriage that lasted exactly two years as they divorced in September 1990. The marriage produced one kid called Ellen King the singer, songwriter, and actress who is most known for her studio album “Love Stuff” and “Shake the Spirit” in 2015 and 2018 respectively. Ellen was in an abusive relationship with a certain Andrew Ferguson.

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After her divorce with Rob Schneider, London King didn’t marry again until in the new millennium. She got married to Justin Tesa on January 21, 2000.

It was from now that she began to appear in films which might have always been her dream but never found expression when she was with Rob Schneider and during her matrimonial interregnum. She was in the film “A Better Way to Die” (2000) and “Raw Fish” (2001).

Rob Schneider Wife: Helena Schneider (2002 – 2005)

A lot is not known about Helena Schneider. In fact, we didn’t hear about her all through the time that Rob Schneider was in the romantic wilderness. In 2001, Rob began to date and it was the name of Helena that turned up. The two dated for twenty months before settling down as man and wife. The marriage lasted for three years in our reckoning but it could be longer. There is no records of their time of divorce known to the media. 2005 is usually put as their time of divorce because this was the time that Rob began to openly date his next lover, Patricia.

The union between Rob Schneider and his wife Helena Schneider did not produce a child.

Rob Schneider’s wife: Patricia Azarcoya Arce (2011 – present)

After his second divorce in 2005, Rob Schneider was slow in settling down officially, but not romantically. He began to date Patricia in 2005. In 2011, after six years as a couple and probably seeing that they are actually meant for each other, made for a longer, more official relationship, they decided to tie the knot in April 2011. The union is blessed with two children.

The first child Miranda Scarlett Schneider was born in 2012. The second Madeline Robbie Schneider was born in 2016. Rob and Patricia are still married. Their marriage has now surpassed all the previous marriages of Schneider put together.

Patricia Azarcoya is an actress and filmmaker. She has eight credits as a producer, four as an actress including “Real Rob” which is a scripted comedy reality by her husband and his family on Netflix from 2015 and “CuentameLove” (2008); and one credit as a casting director and another as a writer.

Perhaps “Real Rob” in his third season is the show for which Patricia is known the most.

If you have no clue about the show and can’t be caught watching it on Netflix, here is a better description of it. According to Marie Foster, “The show begins and spins around Schneider as an uplifted form of himself, who needs to manage popularity’s impacts on his day-to-day life. His genuine spouse Patricia plays his anecdotal wife in the series, while kid – Miranda – depicts their anecdotal little girl in the plot. Half of the episodes are based on Rob Schneider’s experiences in real life, and the other half are fictionalized.”

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