Riza Hawkeye – Relationship With Roy, All About The Anime Character

Riza Hawkeye

Anime, a word formed from the English word “Animation”, is more or less the Japanese version of animation. More or less (emphasis on whichever one you choose). Animation generally can be traced back to the Japanese Manga, the use of comic drawings on paper mostly in black and white to tell stories and entertain. Today’s not the day I bore you to death with the history of animation. Today is about the Fullmetal Alchemist’s Riza Hawkeye and her relationship with her superior officer, Roy Mustang.


Riza Hawkeye is a blonde with beautiful brown eyes born in Amestris where she was raised alone by her father, Berthold Hawkeye, a civilian Alchemist.

None of the Fullmetal Alchemist series captured enough about the relationship between Riza and her father, but one thing that is certain about their relationship was the fact that it was distant and short. He did provide for her and also sent her to a decent school to acquire formal education, but Berthold was obsessed with his Flame Alchemy research and almost didn’t have time for his daughter.

Riza feared her father because he always seems to be controlled by something and she blames his research for that. Berthold, with the fear that his lifelong research might fall into the wrong hands before he died of an unknown ailment, tattooed his findings on the back of Riza in encrypted form. It was never stated if this was done against her will.

Riza has no siblings and her mother, whose name was not provided, died when she was little. The only family member that appeared in the story was Lt. General Grumman, Riza’s Mother’s father.


Colonel Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang was still an apprentice working under Riza’s father when she first met him. Although Riza was a very timid little girl while growing up, she connected easily with the young Alchemist. After the death and burial of Berthold, Riza showed Roy the encoded research data her father tattooed on her back hoping he would use the knowledge to help the people of Amestris.

They both parted ways but met a few years later during the Ishval Civil war. She had joined the Amestrian State Military and her excellent performance earned her space in the front line as a sniper, while Roy Mustang was a famous Major called Flame Alchemist. Riza was not pleased with how Roy has chosen to use the secret she entrusted him with.

She realised that the war didn’t decide who was right but who was left. On the last day of the war, Riza expressed her disappointment and asked Roy to burn the tattoo to her back to avoid the creation of another Flame Alchemist. Roy reluctantly complied.

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Riza was assigned under Roy and after stating why she didn’t resign after the war Roy made her his personal assistant, bodyguard and Adjutant (she will assume the role of protecting him in every possible way and also responsible for taking his life should he use the Flame Alchemy for evil on his way to power). Riza’s life even before the military has been all about protecting, probably why the writer gave her the name Riza, the Hungarian version of “Theresa” which means “guardian”.

Fans were expecting more than just a Boss and Subordinate kind of relationship. The writer gave this hope that something will happen between those two when they showed signs of jealousy when one spends more time with the opposite sex other than them. In the end, neither Riza nor Roy was able to speak up. It is said that if Colonel Roy Mustang was to settle down in the future it would definitely be with Riza. My advice to you is to send her a friend request on Facebook and shoot your shot, one knows what would happen.

Rebecca Catalin

Despite being a disciplinarian who has a knack for following orders, Riza still gets along with a few colleagues of hers. You will rarely find her exchanging pleasantries with them but she has her own way of caring for them. One could say that Riza and Rebecca are best friends. They met during their training in the military academy and have been friends ever since. Rebecca is a very entertaining character, a sarcastic woman with a great sense of humour. She’s one of those characters that know how to get under Riza’s skin.

Edward and Alphonse Elric (Ed and Al)

Young Ed, an alchemist, and his brother Al set on a quest to restore their body using Alchemy met Riza and Roy. They encountered several Homunculi and other obstacles together, each strengthening their bond even more.

Black Hayate

Hayate is a stray dog Riza took in and trained in a very strict manner. Riza once shot at Hayate (behind him) to let him know that going to the toilet inside the house was bad and I’m sure it never happened again. The sense of loyalty to Riza is being displayed by Hayate when he jumps in to save his mistress from a dangerous situation. This happened on several occasions.


What does Riza Hawkeye do exactly? In the military Riza is a weapons specialist, she can dismantle, clean and reassemble any firearm. Although she was known during the civil war as an outstanding Sniper who never misses (also one of the reasons she’s called Hawk-eye. I bet you thought it was a Japanese name). Riza can use any firearm and hit her target at 99% accuracy. I wonder why anyone would want to be against her.

Riza is also an administrator as she always carries the burden of keeping her subordinates and colleagues in check and making sure they get the job done, this includes her boss, Colonel Roy Mustang. She also assumes the role of a secretary, organising and filing documents. Riza is a skilled combat officer with a very powerful and accurate instinct which always comes in handy.

Riza was assigned to work under a new boss, Roy Mustang after the civil war ended. This was when she took on the herculean task of being Roy assistant, bodyguard and Adjudant. This compelled her to always put her life on the line to make sure Roy gets what he wants.


Riza Hawkeye always appears to be a stoic character who barely shows emotions whatsoever. But there have been times when she lost her cool for a few moments. Like the time one of the homunculi told her that he had killed Colonel Roy Mustang, she opened fire and as soon as she ran out of ammo she went on her knees crying. Thanks to Alphonse and Roy who stepped in to make sure she’s safe. Roy was not only disappointed that she believed but also because she gave up.

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To her peers, Riza is the perfect soldier. She’s more rational than emotional with a knack for following orders except of course if she doesn’t believe it’s the best option. This is why Roy is always focused, motivated by the fear of disappointing Riza. This fear is what Riza instilled in the heart of her subordinates to make sure they get the work done. A fan created a mime with the caption “If Riza should run out of ammo, her guns will continue Firing out of fear of disappointing Riza.”

The military changed Riza from a timid girl to a fearless woman. Riza doesn’t scare easily, Barry the Chopper was shocked that Riza was not terrified when he ambushed her on her way home one night. Not even when Monstrous Gluttony or Envy attacked them. She didn’t hesitate to find a new home for her bullets inside their body.

Other facts

Riza Hawkeye likes putting on turtle necks, even when in Uniform. This makes it easy for her to conceal the remaining part of her tattoo and the scare from Roy’s Flame Alchemy.

The story indicates that most military officers of the Fullmetal Alchemist were named after military equipment and tools and this includes Hawkeye. What is not known is why her father is referred to as Berthold Hawkeye.

Riza had two code names that she uses whenever she’s undercover, Elizabeth and Margott Orange Peko. Colonel Roy Mustang calls her Hawkeye or on some rare occasion “My Queen”. This is because he sees all his subordinates as chess pieces and Riza is the most powerful and most important.

It is worth noting that only one of the Fullmetal Alchemist series made mention of Lt. General Grumman as Riza Hawkeye’s grandfather

Riza is 168cm or 5.5 foot tall.

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