Rich Evans of RedLetterMedia: How Old? How Rich?

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Rich Evans

Rich Evans is an actor famous for his work with RedLetterMedia productions. It is more accurate to describe him as a show person as his credits include working as a voice actor, web actor, YouTuber, producer, director, and executive producer.  Despite not being what you will call an A-list star, Evans has so much to be said of him.

How Old is Rich Evans?

Evans was 18 years old in 1994, 25 years in 2001, and will be 81 in 2057. How old is he today? Do the math, he was on October 17th, 1976.

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Unlike most stars we know, Rich Evans didn’t begin his show career early. In fact, Evans had his first experience with screen content, aged 34, when he compiled a documentary in 2010 titled “The People vs. George Lucas”. Since then Evans has starred in “Feeding Frenzy” (2010), “Space Cop” (2016), “Too Loud” (TV Series, 2017-2019), “The End Is Nigh” (Video Game, 2017) and dozens of others.

Rich Evans’ Net Worth

No one knows for sure how rich Rich Evans is? Two things we know, however, is that he is not one of the actors on Forbes List, and he has never been bankrupted. According to Reddit sources, RedLetter Media makes about 20 thousand dollars via Patreon per month. And their views on YouTube equally counts for something.

Rich Evans is not the owner of RedLetter Media despite prominently speaking the voice of Harry S. Plinkett, the alias for the commentator of their video reviews on YouTube. So whatever Rich Evans makes off RedLetter will be far smaller than what the owners will make.

From what he makes off RedLetter and his other hustles, making an educated guess, we put Rich Evans’ Net worth at 180 thousand dollars, give and take a few tens of thousands.

Relationship with Mike Stoklasa?

Mike Stoklasa and Rich Evans are longtime friends. This duo is so close that when Stoklasa founded RedLetter, he brought in Evans to work with him so much that many believe that Evans is a part-owner of the company. No, Evans doesn’t own a single share of the company.

Born on November 18, 1978, Mike is most famous for “The Phantom Menace Review” (2009), “Attack of the Clones Review” (2010) and “Revenge of the Sith Review” (2010). Like Rich Evans, Stoklasa is an all-rounder. He is an actor, voice actor, reviewer, director, editor, producer, cinematographer, and a handful of other miscellaneous things that has to do with moving pictures.

Before founding his own company, Mike Stoklasa was with GMP Pictures.

Where is RedLetterMedia Located?

RedLetterMedia is the styled version of Red Letter Media LLC a film and production company founded by Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman and operated by these two plus Stoklasa’s friend, Rich Evans. The company was founded in 2004 but it made waves in 2009 when their reviews of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” went viral.

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Most of the videos Red Letter Media produces are done from a warehouse which means that wherever Stoklasa lives, that is where Red Letter Media is located. When he founded Red Media in 2004, Stoklasa lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, but, as of 2011, he is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 2011 is a long time ago. We assume he still lives in Wisconsin, and that is where we believe Red Letter Media is located.

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