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Raymond Cruz

Raymond Cruz is that actor you mostly see in films and three sentences later there are flashes of gunfire and someone is hurt beyond help. We have a policy against putting any star in a pigeon-hole but Cruz is a gangster actor if anyone is. Here are five of the most asked questions about the star answered.

How old is Raymond Cruz?

Raymond Cruz was born on July 9, 1961. He was born in the city of Los Angeles. According to sources, he was born in a neighborhood that was rife with gangster activities. And that it was only his interest in literature and movie that saved him from becoming one of such dangerous person himself.

He said: “When I was a kid, they bused us down to a screening of To Kill a Mockingbird in an old theater and it was just a great experience I became fascinated by the fact that you could translate written material into performance.”

This might not be the whole truth. Cruz made his debut in 1987, aged 26. At that age, he could have become a kingpin if he desired. But since he chose to go with his interest in the art as his saving grace, we will go with the narrative.

Raymond Cruz is 58 years old.

Is Raymond Cruz Mexican?

By this question, you mean whether Mr. Cruz carries a Mexican passport? The answer is no, Raymond was born in Los Angeles, California and as California hasn’t seceded from the States (yet), he remains a US citizen. But his Hispanic name is not the only reason people ask this question. In the series “Breaking Bad” he acted as a Mexican drug lord and he was so good that fans just assumed he was Mexican.

While here, see JJ Feild’s facts

They are not far from the truth as Cruz has Mexican blood flowing in his veins. Raymond is Mexican-American.

Who is he married to?

Raymond Cruz is married to Simi Mehta. No, you don’t know her. Cruz keeps his family out of the reach of the media, so much that we do not even have a clue how many kids they have. One thing is sure, the two are happy together and there has never being a word about an affair.

If we learn anything else about them, we will let you. Whether we keep this is another thing in itself.

Raymond Cruz: How did he leave the series Breaking Bad?

Cruz has featured in more than seventy acting credits since making his debut three decades ago. One of his most prominent roles was as Tuco Salamanca, a drug lord from South of the US border. He was a hard nut to crack and although he only appeared in four episodes, these were enough to endear him to fans for years to come. Yes, the kind of fans who ate off the palms of Stannis Baratheon.

Now, how did Raymond Cruz leave the “Breaking Bad”? Not alive. His character was hit in the head with a rock then shot in the belly with his own pistol.

Cruz returns in “Better Call Saul” a spin-off of “Breaking Bad” which premiered six years later but is actually a prequel.

How much is the star’s net worth?

According to Married Bio, Raymond Cruz has assets totaling two million dollars. Hollywood stars are not usually associated with assets. Sources just mention their earnings per episode or per films and estimate what their total worth is. Not so for Cruz whose worth has assets included like he was some Silicon Valley executives.

While it is hard to agree in totally that this amount is the true reflection of Cruz’s worth not knowing what these “assets” and how the whole calculation was made, two million is not a bad figure. And he might as well be worth more. Or less.

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