Rance Howard – Five Fast Facts About The Late Star

Rance Howard

Rance Howard came, saw and made a name for himself on your screen. He has been dead for more than two years now but he remains alive in the hearts of many, in more than one hundred credits, in more than a thousand of queries on Google per day. He is no more but his name has refused to go cold. Here are all the facts you need to know about the thespian you may have seen in “Mad Rose”.

Rance Howard – birth

Rance Howard was born in Ethel Cleo (mother) and Engel Beckenhold (father). He was born in Duncan, Oklahoma in 1928. His given name was Harold Rance Beckenholdt but he adopted the above for the screen. There are little facts about his early life in the 1930s and ’40s but we know his father was a farmer and he must have been raised on a farm. Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to have a lad running on rice fields in a pre-Depression South Central American town. That was Rance.

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The star studied at the University of Oklahoma.

Rance Howard – career

According to IMDb, Rance Howard was involved in 280 credits, largely as an actor in films and TV shows and also as a writer and producer. His career began in 1956 in the movie “Frontier Woman”. We will not attempt to go throw a litany of his works. It is even hard to gather the notable ones. But we will try.

List of Rance Howard notable movies and TV series

The Andy Griffith Show  (1960s)

Apollo 13 (1995)

Independence Day (1996)

Babylon 5 (1996-97)

Cinderella Man (2006)

Frost/Nixon (2008)

Angels & Demons (2009)

Grey’s Anatomy (2012)

Nebraska (2013)

Max Rose (2016)

The X-Files (2016)

Broken Memories (2017)

We tried.

Family and relationships

Rance Howard was an actor who fathered actors and grandfathered actors. It all began in 1949. He got married to Jean Frances Speegle an actress who was from his home town of Duncan, Oklahoma. Born in January 1927 which makes her nearly two years older than her husband. She was in more than 30 TV and film credits over her lifetime. She passed away in 2000 of heart and respiratory illness. She was 73.

The marriage between Frances and Howard produced two sons. The first Ronald William Howard was born in 1954. He was a child actor who came to national prominence when he appeared in “The Andy Griffith Show” on CBS. He began acting as a child. He cemented his name as an adult actor of note in the film “American Griffith” from 2018. More recently, he was in “The Da Vinci Code” (2006). In 2013, he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

Ron is also a director. And a father of Bryce Dallas Howard and Paige Howard, all actresses. Born in 1981, Bryce is part of “50/50” the comedy-drama from 2011 and “The Help” the period drama by Tate Taylor. Bryce is married to the actor Seth Gabel adding to the list of Hollywood stars in the Hollywood extended family.

Paige was born in 1984. She is an actress known for her role in 2009 comedy “Adventureland” and the psychological thriller “The Employer”.

The Howard second born is Clint Howard. He was born in 1959. He is an actor whose notable series such as “Breaking Point”, “Star Trek”, and “Arrested Development”. What else is there to say about Clint? He is a Republican who endorsed Ted Cruz for president in 2016. It is that bad.

After losing the Howard matriarch in 2000, Howard remarried in 2001. He got married to Judy Howard and remained married to her until his death in 2017.

Rance Howard – final net worth

Rance Howard was a prolific star while he lived and worked on the sets of Hollywood. He was one of the few who got something tangible off their time in Hollywood despite slowing down in the new Millenium. At his death, Rance Howard was worth six million dollars.

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He died at the age of 89. It isn’t so much a heartbreak to lose an octogenarian father, six million dollars even makes it less of a heartbreak.

Cause of death

Rance Howard died just after turning 89. He died in a Los Angeles hospital. He died of heart failure as a result of the West Nile virus he suffered. He was buried in Hollywood Forever Hospital in Los Angeles.

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