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Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong is a name that rings a bell whether you know her or not. She has been having a stellar career since she made her acting debut four decades ago. Her fact file is laden with so many events that have happened in her career and marriages. Here is everything about her below.

Rae Dawn Chong: Ethnicity and father

Rae Dawn Chong is a Canadian-American actress born on February 28, 1961, in Edmonton Alberta. She is the first daughter of Tommy Chong who is half-Chinese and half-Scottish. Rae’s father, Tommy Chong, born in Edmonton, Canada is an actor, writer, and director known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong. He is also a U.S citizen having moved to Los Angeles as a comic actor to work in a nightclub. Rae enjoyed a good relationship with her father whom she admitted taught her things to do as a mother which helped her in raising her son Morgan.

Rae Chong’s mother’s name is Maxine Sneed, of African-Canadian descent.

It was in Los Angeles that Rae Dawn Chong was sent to a boarding school in Ojai California. During her schooling days, she developed a passion for the show business and started mixing background sounds for some of her father’s comic records. A talent scout from Disney discovered her talent in her sixth grade and rewarded her with screen time on television shows.

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The actress has two half-sisters and one (Robbi Chong) is a model and actress. She has three half-brothers (including one adopted by her father). This half-brother named Marcus Chon is a thespian.

Rae Dawn Chong is 58 years.

Rae Dawn Chong: Career

Chong made her acting debut in 1974 Disney productions anthology television series “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” as Greta. Four years later, she appeared as Janetta in the film “Stony Islands”. Following her adaptability to play various roles, she earned herself a role in the 1985 action film “Commando” as Cindy. The film stars Arnold Swazznigger as a major character. In the same year, she appeared in “The Color Purple” a Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Alice Walker’s acclaimed novel where she played Harpo’s girlfriend as the film was nominated for five academy awards.

In television series, she landed her breakout role in the science-fiction drama series “Mysterious Ways” as Dr. Peggy Fowler on PAX TV.  A year later, she played the role of Sophie Mason in the season one of the American comedy-drama series “Wild Card”.

She has appeared in the music video for Mick Jagger’s 1985 song “Just Another Night.” She has also been nominated for various award categories. Her portrayal of Ika in the 1981 film “Quest for Fire” earned her the Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.


Marriages are not written in stars, especially when a celebrity is involved. Raw Dawn Chong has been married three times and divorced three times in three different decades. Her first marriage was with a stockbroker named Owen Bayliss. The date of their marriage was not public but the union produced a son named Morgan Bayliss. They divorced in the year 1982.

After 7 years, she started dating C. Thomas Howell, her co-actor in the 1990 film “Soul Man”. It was a whirlwind romance as they finally tied the knot in 1989. This marriage crashed a year later.

Rae Dawn Chong shunned marriage for many years and focused on her son and her acting career until in the latter part of 2011 when she met Nathan Ulrich whom she married that year. Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce in 2014. Since then, Rae has remained unmarried.

In 2017, Nathan Ulrich, her ex-husband was in a plane that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Debris of parts matching those of the missing plane was later found by searchers, bringing the search to an end. During this period, Chong sent out a tweet asking fans to put the families of her ex-husband in prayers.

Net worth, body measurements, and other facts

Rae Dawn Chong has appeared in film and television series in the US and Canada. In some of the films she has starred, she has handled main roles, leaving the obvious impression that his acting talent is not a fluke.Her financial coast keeps enlarging as she is yet to drop her acting gloves. Rae Dawn Chong has a net worth of 4 million dollars.

Rae Dawn Chong stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters tall. Her hips size is 36 inches while her bra size is 34B. She weighs around 55kg or 121 pounds. She was once admitted that substance abuse almost ended her career as an actress.  “I think if it had not been for the birth of my son I’d have gone right over the edge,” she told People magazine in 1985.

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