Racquel Belmonte – Five Things We Know About Her

Racquel Belmonte

Racquel Belmonte is a Canadian-born improviser, sketch comedian, writer, and voice actor whose career we are really interested in, if not because we love her then because you do love her. Here’s everything we know about her you too should be aware of.

We can only guess her age

We do not her real age but we can guess. In 2018, she played the role of a 16-year-old girl and a talented dark mage, Claudia. We know that age of actors does not necessarily match the age of the characters they portray. We all watched “The Irish Man” and we saw how Robert De Niro played the title character when the character was in his forties, his fifties, his sixties, and his eighties with the help of powerful CGI anyway.

We saw Anya Taylor-Joy on Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit”. She was in her mid-twenties when the show was made but she acted 13 years old, 16-year old, and 20-year old version of Beth Harmon. NO CGI, just makeup.

So the fact that Racquel Belmonte played a 16-year old girl doesn’t make her 16 years old at that time. But she is close to that age. Teenage characters who have no need to become grown are mostly played by characters of their age. At most, Belmonte was 17 when in 2017 she shot the series.

This should put Racquel’s age at 21 as of the summer of 2021. Quote us. At your own peril.

Racquel Belmonte Is Chelsea

No, we are not referring to the association football club in England who had just made history as the first club in Europe to have both the male and female teams in the final of the European Champions League at the same season. Racquel is Chelsea on the screen

In 2012, Racquel Belmonte joined the cast of “Heart of Dance” where she played the role of Chelsea. In 2015, she joined the cast of Lego Elves a toy line created by Danish company Lego, where she played the voice role of Sira Copperbranch: an earth elf who runs the starlight inn also the sky captain of Melvindale and friend of Tidus Stormsurfer.

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In 2013, Racquel Belmonte joined the cast of “Legends of Chima” a 3D animated Television series which is based on the Lego theme, which was aired on Cartoon Network in January 2013. She played the role of Rinona for 17 episodes and it was a really impressive performance.

In 2018, Racquel Belmonte was among the cast of The Dragon Prince a Canadian-American fantasy computer-animated Television series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, where she played the voice role of Claudia, the teenage daughter of Viren who doubles as a talented dark mage.

Racquel Belmonte has a couple of works for which she is generally recognized by a large number of individuals. Her devotion, assurance, and energy towards her work have impressed numerous individuals which include her fans, devotees, and numerous higher-ups from the business.

Racquel Belmonte is single and searching

Although Racquel Belmonte’s personal life hasn’t been much on air even though she’s a voice actress and sketch comedian, most time if she’s not performing in her own comedy Carmelahhh, she’s among her all-female comedy troupe Nasty Women performing or her blind tiger comedy. She has two younger brothers and we don’t know of any boyfriend.

In fact, Racquel  Belmonte hasn’t been in a relationship that is known to her fans and the big-eyed blogs. We have no idea if she has ever been in any serious relationship but at a close guess, we can say she is single; we daresay, she is searching. At the moment, the 20-something year old Canadian resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Whatever you do with this information is up to you.

Her net worth is still in six figures

Racquel Belmonte has a net worth of about 950,000 US dollars which is a big deal for an average Joe in the streets of Houston Texas or in Chicago. But for an actress, seven figures is usually the right figure. Eve eight figures serve. But this is not bad for an actress of her age. Seven figures is coming.

For what she lacks in her bank sheet, she makes up for them on Social Media. where, while she isn’t a person known for posting most of her personal life on the internet, she has an account on Instagram and Twitter with good amount of followers.

Bonus facts

Racquel Belmonte’s height is exceptionally perplexing to be aware of which is the reason she gets a kick out of the chance to keep it 5 feet and 4 inches. If you are at a lost at our attempt at grammar, it is because we too are lost.

Do you know that she also works as a residential youth worker in a five-bed shelter in Vancouver?

Image source: Twitter