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Penelope Keith

We wrote about a Penelope recently. That’s like two Penelopes in one week. But they are worlds apart. One was born in the last decade of the last century while the other was born in the first half of the 20th century. Penelope A is an Australian. This is about Penelope Keith the British actress. We go.

Age, early life, and title

Dame Penelope Anne Constance Keith is her full name and she was born Penelope Anne Constance Hatfield in Surrey, Sutton, England in April 1940 and if your history holds well, that is at the heat of World War II when Hitler was in the front foot and pounding the rest of Europe. Penelope was born to an army officer who was in the trenches during most of the war.

It s said that the man abandoned mother and child after the war. We were not there but at the end of the war, the world was a mess and many who saw the battle lost themselves in it, they died though they lived, they walked but as little broken things.

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Penelope attended a Catholic Boarding School in Seaford, East Sussex (she is not a Catholic). It was at this school that she developed love for drama. Her mother remarried when she was eight and her stepfather adopted her as his daughter and she dropped Hatfield for his surname Keith. Although she admitted that she and her stepfather didn’t get along, she has kept his name and refused the option of taking an alias when she became a star.

In 1989, Penelope became the president of the Actors’ Benevolent Fund and the Queen appointed her Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (shortened DBE).

Penelope Keith is 81 years today (2021).

Career and marriage

Keith became her acting career in 1963 on the theatre stage which saw her travel to and act in places such as Lincoln and Manchester. She later joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and acted in various theatres across London. Then she made the transfer onto TV and became a household name in the whole of the United Kingdom.

She was in the sitcom “The Good Life” in 1975 on BBC and was so hot in it that she won a BAFTA award for “Best Comedy Performer”. Between the 1970s and the 1980s, Keith was the lead star in “To the Manor Born” on BBC Worldwide, “Sweet Sixteen” on BBC1, “Moving” on ITV, “Executive Stress” also on ITV, “No Job for a Lady” and “Law and Disorder” (all ITV), and “Next of Kin” on BBC1. In all, Keith has two BAFTAs and a series of nominations.

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In 1978, Penelope Keith got married. She was 48 years old. She got married to a police officer named Rodney Timson. She is four years older than he is. She was his third wife. They have two children via adoption. The family lives Milford, Surrey where Keith finds time for her love for acting.

Height and net worth

We value height these days, perhaps too much. And at 5 feet ten inches or 1.78 m, Keith is a tall woman and would stand out at any party or event. But it wasn’t always so, girls were not always expected to be tall, at least not that tall.

As a teenager, she applied for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and was rejected on the grounds that she was too tall which could mean too tall to be an actress or too tall to learn to be an actress. Keith was accepted in another school eventually and she made went on to make a star despite her height or in spite of what the admission officers think of her height.

According to several sources on the internet, Penelope is a very rich woman but there isn’t a consensus on the amount of money she owns. We have seen a number of figures and 15 million dollars is the figure that seems most plausible. Most of the figures seemed to have been plucked out from the air.

The guys who gave this 15 million calculated it at the rate of one million dollars per the years she was most active. This doesn’t sound like the real thing but it sure gives you an idea.

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