Pej Vahdat – Four Important Questions About Him Answered

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Pej Vahdat

Pej Vahdat is the actor who portrayed the character of Dr. Arastoo Vaziri in the television series “Bones” on Fox. He first appeared in the series in the episode “The Salt in The Wounds” and the rest, as they say, is history which we took out time to record on this blog.

How old is he and what is his ethnicity?

Pej Vahdat born as Pejman Vahdat on the 3rd day of April 1982 in San Jose, California, United States of America to an Iranian American parents, Mr and Mrs Narsi Vahdat.

Pej Vahdat also has German roots and has lived in Frankfurt, Germany, albeit for a very short time when he was still a child.
Most of his childhood days were in San Jose as he grew and schooled there. He attended San Diego State University and was a great tennis player back then and even wanted to play it professionally until he found his true passion when he started attending theatre classes in his junior year in school. He is still active in sports, playing tennis and basketball in his leisure time. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

He is 39 years old.

Pej Vahdat has Iranian and American nationality. His roots also runs through Germany as he said in an interview. Although his German roots can not really be traced by him, he stated that half of his family lives in Germany.

His father is a Muslim Iranian naturalized in the United States of America therefore giving Pej Vahdat a multi ethnic identity.

What is his sexuality and is he dating?

Pej Vahdat is currently not married neither does he have any kids but he is certainly in a recognized and popular relationship.

While many were curious about his sexuality and thought he is of the LGBTQ community, because he constantly speaks in their support, fans have been left amazed after it was revealed that he is of a straight sexual orientation and not gay.

To fans’ surprise, Pej has been dating Naris Attar for years. Naris Attar was an internal medicine intern at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She schooled at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. She later got a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Their love story can be described as that of love at first sight as Pej described how he saw her while talking to her friend across the street. He didn’t have courage to approach her that day but never forgot her face. Luckily the next day, he ran into her friend, got Naris number and it was history since then. They started dating in 2003 and celebrated their anniversary publicly in 2019. While there may be reports of them not being together anymore, it’s however yet to be proven or admitted by Pej or by any of the party.

What is his net worth?

Pej Vahdat is most prominent for “Bones” in which he featured from the 4th season to the 12th season. In his role, he was of Iranian origin and a very devout Muslim who prays up to five times a day. He however expected that people will find it odd that he is both a religious person and also a scientist so he had to put up a false accent so as to make his religious devotion look like a byproduct of his heritage but later blew it up.

After the odds of covering his religious activities and mixing it up, he had to return to Iran because his brother had cancer but he was arrested and released after an external intervention. In the final season, he completed his doctorate and was being addressed as a doctor, got married to the love of his life after they both escaped death.

This television series went on to win several awards such as ASCAP Television and Music Awards for Top Television Series 2009, Genesis Award for Outstanding Dramatic Series 2007 & 2010, and many other awards and nominations.

Pej Vahdat took part in many films since then and is popular for the thriller movies he acted such as Magnum Opus, The Butcher and The Day Shall Come.

He is also renowned for acting in horror and action movies in movies like “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ where he played the role of Dj Porno and then was part of the movie “Blood Shot”.

He stands at 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m), weighs 75kg (165.3 lbs), and has black hair and brown eyes is a hardworking and talented actor and this has rewarded him massively in getting him deals and roles and thereby making him richer.

He is estimated to have a fortune of about $1 million.

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