Paige Turco: Age, Net Worth, Sister, Where She’s From

Paige Turco

Paige Turco is the name, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze is her debut movie appearance. This was in 1991 and it remains one of her most known works, which is a pointer to the kind of career she has had. Not the whole pointer, if it were so this would be a paragraph-length post. As it is made up of paragraphs, it means that what we desire to do with this post is to do more than just talking about Teenage Turtles, and more than just talking about her career. We go.

Paige Turco: Age

Turco was born in May 1965. She was born in Boston. She lost her father at her infant age and was largely raised by her mother.

Growing, little Paige dreamed of becoming a ballerina. What does that even mean? We suspect it is what you call people who dance the ballet for a living. What does a ballet mean? It is a kind of dance developed in medieval Italy and reformed in France. Paige Turco has Italian, France and English heritage so that makes sense.

Paige didn’t end up as a classical ballerina. She suffered an ankle injury which put an end to her dream. Perhaps it was in memory of her dancing dream that Ms. Turco decided to settle for drama (a close relative of dance) at the University of Connecticut.

As of the later part of 2019, Paige Turco is 54 years old.

Paige Turco: Career and net worth

Paige Turco’s career began in 1989, the year she left university. It began on CBS in the show “Guiding Light”. She played the role of Dinah Marler so good that the appearance became her lunch pad and guiding light to the many credits to come.

It was in the martial arts superhero comedy movie series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” that Turco made her biggest name. She played the role of April O’Neil, the first human ally of the Turtle Ninjas. The character has been portrayed by many other actors between 1990 to 2016. The portrayal by Turco is considered the best. We conquer.

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It is not just portrayals for Paige Turco. She has made money too from her acts. Most people in Hollywood will tell you how they love what they do and how Shakespeare’s plays inspired them and they can’t think of doing something else. No one works in Hollywood for free. They charge fees and people who can charge a lot.

Other notable appearances of Paige Turco include her regular role in “The 100”, the post-apocalyptic drama on The CW from 2014 in which Turco featured in 55 episodes, and a part of the main cast in ABC’s “Big Shots”, “NYPD Blue”, “American Gothic” and “The Game Plan”.

After more than twenty years in the industry, Turco has 5 million dollars to show for these efforts.

Family and sister

Paige Turco is an only child. It was forced on her as her father died when she was still too young to understand the concept of death. There is nothing to suggest that Turco’s mother remarried and bore other children (including a sister). Paige has no sister.

The actress went on to marry the Irish-born American actor Jason O’Mara in a Roman Catholic Church in Old Saybrook (say no more), Connecticut and start her own family. Turco is seven years older than her husband who was born in Sandycove, Dublin, Ireland. He moved to the United States in 2001 after a career in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The marriage between Turco and O’Mara who became an American citizen in 2009 lasted for 14 years and produced one child whom she named after her late father. The child joined the family in 2004.

After her divorce, Paige Turco is yet to remarry. There is no wind of any other relationship for the actress.

Where is Paige Turco from?

Paige Turco was born in the state of Massachusetts. In the city of Boston. She grew up in Massachusetts where she also had her university degree (she was in Connecticut for her second degree).

When Paige broke into Hollywood, the gossip would be that she came from New England, and this doesn’t even sound like the way bartenders and janitors in Los Angeles gossip. Basically, you can say she came from Massachusetts.

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But if we want to talk about where she came from a more historical angle and since everyone in America (except the Native Americans) came from somewhere, Massachusetts or New England cannot do. There is a need for a deeper search, so we searched and traced her ancestry to Europe. Sources say that she has Italian, French and English heritage which means she has Latin, Gaul, and Anglo-Saxon blood flowing in her.

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