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If controversy can be expressed in human form, it would be born in Hollywood, on October 14, 1980, it would be 5 feet 10 inches tall, work as a popular voice actor and be named Orion Acaba. Is Orion that infused with controversy? Maybe the answer is yes, but no one can dismiss him as just been a bag of controversies. He is a round actor as he can handle a handful of stuff from martial arts to firearms on and off-screen. Here are a few facts about the life of the star among other career stats. Be the judge.

Orion Acaba Controversies

1. He is a confessed drug abuser.

Taking drug once is a mistake, twice is a bad mistake but when you make it a habit, when you let this addiction come between you and your close friends, when you abuse your lovers under the influence of drugs, then you are on the higher side of a low-key slave of drugs. This is the situation of Acaba. And to his credit, he is not proud of this act. In a live twitch video, the star confessed his drug problems and vowed to undergo rehabilitation.

In September 2018, he posted this on Twitter: “Last year I kicked drugs, this year I finally kicked cigarettes too! Now coffee is the last to go… maybe. The app is called quit tracker btw : ) #smokefree #happy #healthy.” Now, since an app is involved we have no way of telling whether this is a strict statement of facts or one embellished for the purpose of selling an application online. 

2. He was fired from Critical Role because he cheated

We can’t claim to be 100% sure that Acaba left Critical Role because he cheated while rolling dice. This may be true and it may as well be the work of his enemies. What we do know is that he didn’t leave Critical Role gloriously. In fact, he was fired. Was it because he cheated? Perhaps so, but if you someone suggests going before a powerful deity to swear that this was what happened, say no.

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Other theories for his sack from Critical Role suggest that he has the temper of one nursing whitlows in his ten fingers and would let out outbursts during live shooting, disrupting the show and causing the crew and case embarrassments. So the producers decided to choose between their sanity and the talent of Acaba—they chose survival and let Orion Acaba go on the 28 October 2015.

3. Orion was once accused of defrauding a charity

Orion Acaba has cancer, HIV and has battled Depression for long. There is no shame in suffering ailments and we do not judge Orion for his illnesses. Although many will point to his recklessness as to the cause of his physical troubles most especially the HIV aspect – the commonest way to catch HIV is through unprotected and indiscriminate sex which is as a result of abusing the decent people he loves thereby getting kicked into the street where his desire to get laid poses risks. Even if you excuse his HIV status as a mistake, there is something you won’t do, something every decent person would struggle to do, there is no excusing the fact that he once raised money for one Victoria Carlini who worked for his Twitch Channel and had lost her father-figure and possessions in Hurricane Irma and failed to account for the funds.

According to Ms. Carlini, Orion’s intention to help her raise the money is wrong, as he raised the money through his LLC in order to get tax right-off; this one is a suspicious claim as Orion was just the holder of the fund and shouldn’t benefit from such. He never remitted the money to the lady, she claims. And, to start with, he didn’t ask for her permission before he began the charity in her name. He just went online and asked for donations. It looked like he didn’t want her to hear of it and make demands. But she did and it was already too late to stop him so she let him continue.

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After the fundraising, comes the drama. The lady asked to be paid and Orion began to stall. When the lady insisted that he pays her, he said he bought headphones and mouse for his Twitch channel with the money. Don’t laugh yet. How much is the amount in question?—500 dollars. Yes, an award-winning artiste defrauding someone of an amount that wouldn’t buy a decent meal in many restaurants in Los Angeles

Unbelievable, you will say and may even be inclined to argue that there is no truth in this. This is the internet, anyone can say anything and get away with it. Well, the lady who accused Orion Acaba provided screenshots of his messages to her in her rant on Tumblr. Orion has never denied this and many who follow him on his social media handles will find that the speech pattern, typos, and wordings have too much resemblance to what Orion would post online.

Orion’s Career, appearances, awards

While he is most famous for his role as Tiberius Stormwind (Tibs/Tibsy) in Critical Role, he is has featured in Draconian Knights, in 2018, Super Power Beat Down between 2013 and 2017. And he also played Quaalude Methaqualone in Critical Trolls for Extra Life. The video games featuring Orion include the following: Just Cause 4 Game as Rico Rodriguez, Plants Vs Zombies video game as Crazy Dave and in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice as Apollo Justice. Resident Evil: Vendetta, World of Witchcraft: Battle for Azeroth and Mad Max are among his endless list of video games.

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It is not all controversies and discord for Orion. He is a star in what he does and he has won awards. As the voice of Apollo Justice, Orion won a BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Video Game. He also got nominated for the Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game by the same BTVA in 2014. It is in this same 2014 that he won the BTVA Voice Acting Award for Breakthrough Voice of the Year.

Orion Acaba

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